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Biden Speaks on the Violence

His speech in Pittsburgh was not a Sister Souljah moment.

The Democratic State Budget Scare

Tax revenue is coming in much better than expected in most places.

Best VPN Services

The pandemic has changed work permanently. Before COVID-19, only 9.8 million (out of 140 civilian workers in the U.S.) worked remotely. Today, almost 70 million people are working remotely. 

Are you working remotely?

If you are, there’s a good chance that you’ll need a virtual private network (VPN). If you’re running a small business and your employees need to work remotely, you need a VPN as well. Today, we’re going to take a look at VPNs — what they are, why you need them, and how to find the VPN that’s right for you. 

What’s a VPN, and Why Do You Need One? 

A VPN is a private network that’s run through a public network — imagine that a remote worker sitting in Starbucks had an extra-long Ethernet cable. They plug one end into their computer, and the other end directly into their company’s servers at work. 

That’s basically what a VPN does; it creates a secure and encrypted tunnel from your computer to a server on the internet. This is great because it means no one can access the data you’re sharing with your computer and company server. You have privacy and data security. We’re going to look at seven of the top VPN Services, explaining the pros and cons of each service. 

Our 7 Picks For Best VPN Services:

  1. Perimeter 81 
  2. NordVPN Teams
  3. ExpressVPN 
  4. VyprVPN
  5. SurfShark
  6. Mullvad
  7. TunnelBear

How to Choose the Best VPN Service for You

When you’re looking for a VPN, the first thing you’ll want to do is identify your needs. What do you want your VPN to do for you? What kinds of things do you need from your VPN? In general, most people focus their attention on four specific criteria. 

Criteria #1: Speed and Reliability

If you’re planning on using your VPN for things that require a lot of data or activity, you’ll want to choose a service that’s optimized for speed and reliability. If you’re sharing large files routinely or you’re streaming video consistently, you’ll want to select a VPN that provides unlimited connections, unlimited bandwidth, and high download and upload speeds. 

When it comes to speed and reliability, there are factors you control and factors your service provider controls. 

  • Factors you control: Improving Wi-Fi stability, using a wired connection (which is always faster), upgrading your internet connection speeds, or upgrading your VPN. You can also choose a VPN service with more servers or servers closer to your desired location. 
  • Factors you don’t control: Number of servers, server load, or server location/distance – longer distance = slower speeds. International bandwidth restrictions (i.e., VPNs in Australia are slow due to underwater fiber optic cables carrying a set amount of data at any one time) and VPN protocols also impact speed. And another thing, complicated peering relationships between networks, also reduces speed.

You’ll want to test your VPN speed so you can verify the claims your provider is making. You’ll need two things to do that — an accurate testing method and a baseline for your tests. Here are some of the more reliable speed tests you can use to verify your VPN speeds. 

Next, run a speed test on the same connection, with and without your VPN. If you’re on Wi-Fi, stay on Wi-Fi for both tests. Run the tests twice to get an average speed. Run your tests using the same VPN server/location you plan on using with your service. 

Criteria #2: Security and Privacy

VPNs should be secure by default; the VPN service you choose should have the basics of security and privacy protection down. Here are the most important security and privacy requirements you’ll need to consider when choosing a VPN. 


  • Handshake encryption: This takes place at the beginning of the VPN session where you and the server you’re communicating with exchange private keys that encrypt or decrypt data and messages to acknowledge each other.  
  • Authentication: Reputable VPN services will use a hash algorithm to automatically verify the packets they receive, making sure that data from a middleman hasn’t been injected into your packet. They’ll also verify that your data hasn’t been tampered with or changed in any way. 
  • Ciphers: This is an algorithm, like AES, that encrypts and decrypts your data in a series of clearly defined steps. Using a key to encrypt your data makes it impossible for unwanted eyes to spy on your data unless they have the specific key that was used to encrypt the message. So the unencrypted message “VPNs made easy” would become “FVWWOluB9rHb5KUtyJYqlA==” using the AES algorithm. 
  • Encryption strength: 128-bit AES encryption is faster but less secure; 256-bit encryption is slower but more secure. Stronger encryption is obviously harder to break, so this is more of a priority if you’re focused on security. 


  • Activity logs: Many free VPN services track your activity — the websites and pages you visit, files downloaded, etc. These free VPNs sell or monetize your usage activity on their VPN without your permission or knowledge. 
  • Connection logs: Other VPN services track assigned IP addresses, connection start/end times, or bytes of data transferred. This typically doesn’t include your data, but it can be combined with other data (i.e., the IP address you used to log into your Slack account) to expose your identity. 

If privacy is important to you, you’ll want to stick with log-free VPN services that don’t track your activity or metadata. 

Criteria #3: Compatible Devices

If you have an iPhone, but you use Windows on your computer, you’ll want to verify that the VPN services are compatible with your devices. While most VPN services are compatible with the standard platforms — Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS, etc. some aren’t available on all platforms. The VPN that’s Windows ready may not be available on Android or iOS.

You’ll want to verify that your devices are all compatible before signing up. 

Criteria #4: Connections 

How many devices can connect to your VPN service simultaneously? The availability of connections tends to vary from service to service. Some providers allow just one; others allow up to three, while others are unlimited. You’ll need to identify what you need ahead of time. 

It’s not just connections that you have to worry about, though. You also have to take a look at the availability of countries and the availability of servers. If you have specific availability needs, you’ll want to verify this with your VPN service provider ahead of time, then confirm this during your free trial or guarantee period. 

Other important considerations include: 

  • Payment plans: The cost you’ll pay for VPN services varies considerably, and it depends on the features you choose and the length of your subscription. 
  • Customer service: If you need on-demand customer support (in case something goes wrong), you’ll want a VPN service that provides live chat or phone support (which will impact the price). If that’s not as much of a concern, then a provider who offers email support may be a better option. 
  • Free trial or money-back guarantee:  If you opt for a service that offers a free trial, you’ll want to choose a service that gives you enough time to try things out. Some VPN services’ free trial period is quite short, which may not be enough time to verify the service on your end. A money-back guarantee is ideal because you have a way out in case their service isn’t what you’ve expected. 
  • User friendly or tech-savvy: If you’re not comfortable with setting up and configuring your VPN, you’ll want to make sure you find a provider with a user-friendly interface. Some providers will configure your VPN for you virtually, so everything is done for you ahead of time. 

You must figure out what you’re looking for ahead of time. 

The Different Types of VPN Services 

It’s important to make a distinction between VPN technology and VPN services. As we’ve already discussed, a virtual private network boils down to a secure, private connection between your device and endpoint. That is VPN technology. The VPN service, on the other hand, uses VPN technology to provide you with a package of tools. Using VPN services, you can not only protect your internet connection and guard your privacy but gain access to extra customer service with configuration guides, automatic setup, and live chat support. 

Different types of VPNs:

  • Remote Access VPN – Provide a secure connection from a user to a remote server to gain entry to a private network.
  • Intranet-based Site-to-Site VPN – Provide a secure connection for various users in different, fixed locations to connect to each other’s resources. For example: With a site-to-site VPN, multiple local area networks (LAN) can connect to a single wide-area network (WAN). Think of one company with numerous locations sharing resources.
  • Extranet-based Site-to-Site VPN – Difficult to implement, these VPNs are common in large-scale business environments where you are looking for a secure connection between two separate intranets, but you do not want them having the ability to access each other directly. Think of two different companies working together. 
  • Cloud VPN – Also known as virtual private network-as-a-service (VPNaaS), is designed for organizations that rely on outsourced cloud data centers instead of in-house infrastructure. A traditional VPN doesn’t work if your organization stores all of your data in the cloud. A cloud VPN allows users to access a company’s resources — applications, data, and files through a website or via a native desktop or mobile app. 

As a user looking to secure your privacy and access the internet, or secure business data for your remote workforce, you’re most likely looking for commercial VPN Services, let’s take a look at our picks for the top VPN providers.

1. Perimeter 81 – The Best for Small Business Teams

  • Pricing: $8/mo. (annual), $10/mo. (monthly
  • Number of servers: 700+
  • Money-back Guarantee: 30-day
  • Support: 24/7 live chat
  • Single sign-on: Yes
  • # of Users: Minimum of 5 team member

Perimeter 81 is an Israeli-based business VPN service that’s unique because of its Cloud VPN architecture. It’s great for users on multiple devices. You don’t need external legacy hardware or tools. It comes with the business features you’d need to run your remote organization safely in the cloud. 

Perimeter 81 is ideal for remote businesses because it protects your business from unexpected mistakes. Their automatic Wi-Fi Security and DNS Filtering features instantly shield your data by automatically activating VPN protection when employees connect to unknown, untrusted networks. According to their website, “All outbound and inbound traffic is encrypted and routed through your dedicated private servers – concealing your company’s actual IP address with an IP mask.”

This protection shields your company from man-in-the-middle attacks and unsecure Wi-Fi networks. Their service keeps your business safe from data breaches, lawsuits due to negligence, and other claims. Employee training is important, but Perimeter protects your employees and your business when they’re working. 

They also provide you with the data you need to monitor network activity. You can audit resource access, monitor bandwidth consumption, and detect network anomalies remotely and at any time. All of this is important because more organizations have a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy in place.

The potential downside to Perimeter 81’s service is access points. As of today, they have 700 public servers in 36 countries. That might sound like a lot until you realize some of their competitors have double or triple that amount in twice as many countries. 


  • Single sign-on (SSO) functionality
  • User friendly and easy-to-use
  • Great for remote businesses
  • Auto-integrated with all cloud providers
  • Secure access to both managed and unmanaged devices


  • Higher price point
  • Fewer servers than their competitors

2. NordVPN Teams — New Service From Industry Leader

  • Pricing: $7 – $9 per mo. 
  • Number of servers: 5,000+
  • Money-back Guarantee: 30-day
  • Support: 24/7 response within 3 hrs.
  • Single sign-on: Yes
  • Multi-device support: Yes apps on all devices

NordVPN Teams is a new VPN service from an industry leader. NordVPN is known for its consistent performance, a strong stance on privacy, and aggressive security features. The company is based in Panama, where there are no mandatory data retention laws and no legal obligation to collect your data. It’s also important because Panama doesn’t participate in the five eyes or fourteen eyes alliances. 

They don’t track, collect, or share your private data — activity, usage, or metadata. They invited one of the big four auditing firms PriceWaterhouseCoopers AG, to run an industry-first audit of their no logging claims to verify that they’re telling the truth.

NordVPN is one of the few providers that offers double VPN, an advanced VPN security feature that routes your traffic through two VPN servers instead of one, encrypting your data twice. They provide two-factor authentication and single sign-on, which are standard features for top-tier VPN services. They also provide you with a kill switch, if your connection drops for even a second, the kill switch will cut off all the Internet traffic on your device, ensuring none of your information is exposed online.

For business customers, they provide you with a dedicated account manager that’s assigned to your account. Your Control Panel enables you to manage user accounts, control permissions, and create gateways. You can oversee user activity, monitor server load, add new users, and create custom teams from inside your control panel. 


  • A trusted brand name
  • Thousands of servers around the world
  • Single sign-on (SSO) functionality
  • Strong on security
  • Apps on all devices
  • Fast speeds
  • Cryptocurrencies and cash accepted


  • Slow app and server connections
  • Open VPN connection is not user-friendly
  • No split tunneling
  • Shared IP addresses

3. ExpressVPN – Consumer Favorite, Best-in-Class 

  • Pricing: $8.32 per mo. (annual), $12.95 (monthly)
  • Number of servers: 3,000+
  • Money back Guarantee: 30-day
  • Support: 24/7 live chat
  • Multi-device support: Yes

ExpressVPN doesn’t have a product strictly designed for businesses. They’re consumer-focused, which is great if you’re a sole proprietor or a remote, contract, or freelance worker on your own. Their apps are compatible with almost every device on the usual platforms; they also have apps for nontraditional platforms, including— Linux, Kindle Fire, Chromebook, and even Barnes and Noble’s Nook! 

Since they’re consumer-focused, their apps are user-friendly, easy to set up, and simple to maintain. They provide you with all of the standard encryption and security features you’d expect from a top-rated VPN provider. And, they also provide you with some unique features like split-tunneling or using their own DNS servers. 

Like NordVPN, they have a no-logging policy as their company is based in the British Virgin Islands. There’s no mandated government surveillance and no data retention laws. 


  • Consumer-focused
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use
  • Apps available on all devices and platforms
  • Strong reputation
  • Top-rated security and encryption


  • No VPN services for businesses
  • More expensive than their competitors

4.  VyprVPN – The Best VPN for Speed

  • Pricing: $2.50 per mo. (24 mo. plan), $3.75 per mo. (12 mo. plan), $12.95 per mo. (1 mo. plan).
  • Number of servers: 700+
  • Money-back Guarantee: 30-day
  • Support: 24/7 response within 3 hrs
  • Privacy: end-to-end
  • Multi-device support: desktop and mobile

Owned by Golden Frog GmbH and incorporated in Switzerland, VyprVPN focuses on a few areas — speed, anti-censorship, and privacy. They call their service the “most powerful VPN.” They offer more than 200,000 IP addresses and 700+ servers, across 70 locations internationally. 

Their platform resolves speed issues due to ISP bandwidth throttling. It’s common for users to state that their speeds are close to 100% of their original speeds. This is impressive when you realize that they rely on AES 256-bit encryption. They provide users with unlimited switching between servers and protocols without restrictions. 

VyprVPN provides some of the same features listed from other providers — kill switch, public Wi-Fi protection, and DNS protection. But they also offer a proprietary technology called Chameleon. In this protocol, VyprVPN scrambles your metadata, so it’s not recognizable via deep packet inspection, but it’s still fast and lightweight. As a result, VyperVPN can bypass restrictions from governments, corporations, and ISPs while fighting censorship and maintaining speed. 

VyprVPN also owns and operates their data centers to reduce any risk of a data breach. Other VPN providers route traffic to third-party servers, so they’re not as secure as a service that keeps things in-house. VyprDNS keeps your browsing history private. Their no-logs policy makes a breach unlikely. 


  • Unlimited high-speed bandwidth
  • 70+ server locations
  • Chameleon protocol
  • 5 Simultaneous connections
  • No activity or usage logs
  • Fast customer support
  • VyprDNS
  • Self-owned servers


  • Fewer servers than bigger competitors
  • Poor speeds in specific regions (EU)
  • Slower connection times in specific regions

5. Surfshark – The Best for the Price

  • Pricing: $1.99 per mo. (24 mo.), $5.99 per mo. (12 mo.), $11.95 per mo. 
  • Number of servers: 1,700+
  • Money-back Guarantee: 30-day
  • Support: 24/7 live chat, email tickets
  • Multi-device support: Desktop and mobile platforms

Surfshark is an award winning VPN service that offers incredible value for the price. According to, SurfShark is ranked 4th out of 357 VPN services. Their service provides users with 256-bit encryption, double VPN, an automatic kill switch, and a no-log policy. 

They’re headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, so like other VPNs in our list, they’re free from the five, nine, fourteen eyes alliances. While they don’t collect usage or connection data, they do collect your email address, password, and basic billing information. If you’d like to avoid sharing this info, you can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. They also collect unique advertising identifiers from third parties for marketing purposes and user analytics.

One detail that stands out with Surfshark is unlimited connections. The number of devices that can connect simultaneously, per license is unlimited. This is great if you’re an individual, but it’s also great if you’re running a business. There are no additional licenses or requirements once you’ve signed up. Just set your VPN up, pay for the service, and you’re all set. 

Surfshark offers its Adblock VPN that blocks advertising and malware, counters phishing attempts, and boosts browsing speed. They offer premium features like private DNS on each server, camouflage mode to mask activity from your ISP, and Multihop – connecting via multiple countries at the same time to maximize footprint masking and ID protection. 


  • Best value for the price
  • Unlimited connections/devices
  • Built-in ad-blocker
  • Whitelister
  • Private DNS
  • Double VPN
  • No logging
  • Engaged customer support


  • Medium-sized network
  • Moderately reduced speeds in specific regions

6. Mullvad – The Best for Anonymity

  • Pricing: $5.50 per mo.
  • Number of servers: 315+
  • Money-back Guarantee: 30-day
  • Support: Email

Mullvad believes privacy is a universal right.

Privacy isn’t the same as security. If you’re looking for a VPN service that will go to extreme lengths to protect your privacy,  Sweden-based Mullvad is at the top of the list. They don’t require an email address or even a password from their customers. The company randomly generates a unique code for your username. You use this code to log in to the desktop apps or add credit to your account. They even allow customers to send cash in the mail to pay for your account!

They want to know as little about you as possible.

Mullvad will store your account number, your counts, paid time remaining, and the number of simultaneous connections that are used by your account. This data is kept in temporary memory, then purged once you log off. They log the total number of current connections for a given server, the bandwidth used per server, and the CPU load per core on each server. None of these items contain personally identifiable information.

Mullvad only offers connections in 38 countries, and they only have 315 servers. They don’t use virtual servers, so your VPN connections are running on physical hardware at the location specified. The speed varies based on your location. If you’re in Europe or North America, speeds are generally good. If you’re in Australia or Asia, the performance is generally much slower.


  • Privacy-focused
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • WireGuard support
  • More anonymity than most VPN services
  • No affiliates or resellers


  • Focused exclusively on privacy
  • Slower speeds in certain locations
  • No password protection

7. TunnelBear – The Best for Newbies

  • Pricing: Free, $3.33 per mo., $5.75 per user, per mo. for teams 
  • Number of servers: 20
  • Money-back Guarantee: 30-day
  • Support: 24/7 email support tickets
  • Multi-device support: Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

TunnelBear’s service is designed to be incredibly simple for newbies.

They’re based out of Canada, which is a member of the five eyes, nine eyes, and fourteen eyes alliances. This means data that goes through or is stored in Canada is subject to intelligence agreements —they may be legally forced to share your data. TunnelBear states that they have a no-logging policy, so everything seems okay until you read this in their privacy policy. 

“TunnelBear makes good faith efforts to provide you with the ability to delete your Personal Data. However, there may be circumstances in which TunnelBear is unable to delete all your Personal Data. For example, we are unable to delete it where we are legally required to keep it, including where we need it to continue to offer you the service or if you are involved in litigation with us, we would be required to retain your personal data, which is limited to the fields we discuss above in 1.21.3 and 1.4.”

This data includes your email address, twitter id, paid user designation, operational data, and personal and financial data. If this isn’t a concern for you or your organization, TunnelBear is a great option for individuals and businesses that want to get started with a VPN but aren’t as knowledgeable as they’d like. 

TunnelBear includes the standard features you need to get started with a VPN — AES 256-bit encryption, tunneling (Android only), hashing, and more. Their service is reasonably priced and designed to help inexperienced people get started with a VPN. 

TunnelBear is transparent about its service, sharing the results of its independent security audits each year on its website. 


  • Designed for inexperienced users
  • Generally open and transparent about their service
  • Low cost
  • Built for individuals and teams
  • Offers a free plan


  • May share your data with governments
  • No phone or customer support


Whether you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur with a small team, or a growing business looking for options, a VPN will provide you with the security and peace of mind you need to keep your remote team connected and working safely. 

Your needs are unique, and they’ll dictate which VPN service will work best for you and your business. Weigh the options against your needs for speed, security, privacy, compatible devices and number of connects. Millions of people are working remotely, and that number continues to grow every day. If you’re not already using a VPN service, now’s a good time to start. 

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13 Legit Companies Hiring for Remote Travel Agent Jobs

Do you love traveling and always find yourself excited to plan your holidays meticulously?

If you answered yes, then you are looking at a great career as a travel agent.

Travel agent jobs are perfect for people who want to work from home and are skilled travel planners. I am sure you have gone through travel agents for your vacations before and witnessed how helpful this job is.

Here are the companies that hire remote travel agents.


Do I need training or a qualification to become a travel agent?

As such there is no particular qualification required to become a travel agent. Your passion to plan vacations while focusing on every detail, interaction with/understanding of the customers’ needs, and knowledge of the travel industry are things that can count a lot when you are applying for travel agent jobs.

Having said that, it does help to have certain certifications if you are thinking of getting into the travel industry. A TAP test from the Travel Institute could be a starting point to get more credibility.

There are two ways to go about this: you can work for companies that hire travel agents or go the independent way. Keep in mind that working as an independent travel agent works only if you have good experience under your belt.



14 Easy Travel Jobs You Can Do While Traveling Your Heart Out
How to Make Money While Traveling the World


What is the pay for travel agent jobs?

According to BLS, the median pay of travel agents is $40,660 per year. Travel agents also earn good money in commissions.

The income varies when you work as an independent travel agent. If you want to learn more about the pay for going solo in this industry, here is an interview I did with a side hustle travel planner.


What are travel host agencies?

If you want to become a home-based travel agent and want to start this business on your own, the first step is to find a good host agency.

A host agency is the place where you can get the right guidance, resources, and a lot of additional help to start off as an independent travel agent.

Many host agencies also provide training and support to beginners in this field, and choosing the right host agency makes all the difference.

Here is a big list of host agencies to choose from.


What is the nature of work?

Well, saying that you plan vacations is not a full description of what a travel agent does. Though having a strong passion for planning and organizing and knowledge of vacation places are required, there is an equal focus on the marketing part of the job.

Understanding and tailoring the vacation to your clients’ needs and marketing your services are things that make a successful travel agent.


What companies advertise remote travel agent jobs?

There are many companies that hire remote travel agents regularly. Please check their websites for opportunities.


BCD Travel

This company helps businesses with their travel plans and hires remote travel agents or corporate travel consultants. You need to have a minimum of three years’ experience in the travel industry to be considered for this role.


World Travel Holdings

World Travel Holdings is a well-known name in the travel industry, and it hires remote travel sales agents to sell cruise and resort vacations. You need at least two years’ experience for the role, and once you are hired, there is a paid training period.


Travel Leaders Group

This company hires corporate travel specialists to work from home. You will be working via phone, email, and live chat. You need an experience level of five years in the travel industry and also some experience in customer service.



This accredited host travel agency hires travel agents worldwide to start their own travel agent businesses. Though it prefers experience in the travel industry and customer service, it also hires entry-level travel agents.

Certification in CTA/CTC and experiences with Sabre is preferred.


Vail Resorts

Vail Resorts specializes in mountain resorts and luxury excursions. This company hires work-from-home travel agents seasonally. You will be handling customer enquiries and selling customized holiday packages. Experience in sales for at least six months is required for this job.



This travel company hires Travel Ambassadors/Travel Planners from all over the world to help with booking vacations for their clients.

You need experience in sales, good English language skills, and some customer service experience to apply for this role. You will be handling client inquiries via live chat or phone. A passion for traveling is a plus to apply for this job.


CCRA Travel Solutions

With CCRA Travel Solutions, you will be working as a corporate travel agent booking travel for businesses. It offers part-time roles with a minimum experience level of two years in a corporate travel agency. You also need to have a sound of knowledge of GDS. There is paid training once you are selected for the job.


Ovation Travel Group

Ovation Travel Group handles corporate and leisure travel. It hires remote corporate travel agents with at least five years of experience in the travel industry and good communication skills. Expertise in Sabre is also needed to apply with this company.


ADTRAV Travel Management

This company handles corporate, government, and nonprofit travel for clients. You should have some experience of the travel industry and good GDS skills. A good knowledge of Federal Travel Regulations is also needed. Most of the positions with this company are after hours or weekends.


Carnival Cruise Line

Regarded as the most famous cruise line globally, this company hires Travel Coordinators to book travel packages for cruise vacations. Relevant experience in the travel industry for at least six months is required to apply for this role along with good GDS skills.


American Express

This credit card company hires virtual travel consultants to book travel for premium card holders. Other than previous customer service experience, it is quite flexible about hiring beginners in the travel industry. Once you are hired, there is two months of training before you start the job.


FCM Travel Solutions

FCM Travel Solutions hires work-from-home travel consultants for business travel bookings. You need at least three years of corporate travel industry experience, along with good knowledge of Sabre, to apply to this company.



As a corporate travel advisor for this company, you will be booking corporate and leisure travel packages. A minimum of five years’ experience and a strong knowledge of Sabre is required for this role. Some of the positions are remote and some are full-time with this company.


Travel is a passion for many, and if you can make money from your passion, why not? It could be working as an employee for a company or bootstrapping your own travel agent business. Either way, you can make a career as a remote travel agent.

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5 Ted Talks Youtube Channels To Follow in 2020

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Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards

Are you looking for business credit cards with cashback rewards? Check out our choices inside.

Get the Best Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards

We researched a lot of company credit cards for you. So, here are our selections.

Per the SBA, corporate credit card limits are a whopping 10 – 100 times that of personal credit cards!

This shows you can get a lot more funds with corporate credit cards. And it also shows you can have personal credit cards at shops. So, you would now have an added card at the exact same shops for your company.

And you will not need collateral, cash flow, or financials to get business credit.

Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards: Benefits

Benefits can differ. So, make sure to pick the benefit you would like from this selection of alternatives.

Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards That Never Expire

Capital One® Spark® Cash Select for Business

Take a look at the Capital One® Spark® Cash Select for Business. It has no annual fee. You can get 1.5% cash back on every purchase. There is no limit on the cash back you can get. And earn a one-time $200 cash bonus as soon as you spend $3,000 on purchases in the initial three months. Rewards never expire.

Pay a 0% introductory APR for 9 months. Then pay 14.49% – 22.49% variable APR after that.

You will need great to excellent credit scores to qualify.

Find it here:

Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards for Cash Back

Flat-Rate Rewards

Capital One ® Spark® Cash for Business 

Check out the Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business. It has an introductory $0 annual fee for the initial year. After that, this card costs $95 per year. There is no introductory APR deal. The regular APR is a variable 18.49%.

You can get a $500 one-time cash bonus after spending $4,000 in the first three months from account opening. Get unlimited 2% cash back. Redeem at any time without minimums.

You will need great to superb credit scores to qualify.

Find it here:

Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards Credit Suite

Establish business credit fast with our research-backed guide to 12 business credit cards and lines.

Flat-Rate Rewards and No Annual Fee

Discover it® Business Card

Have a look at the Discover it® Business Card. It has no annual fee. There is an introductory APR of 0% on purchases for one year. Then the regular APR is a variable 14.49 – 22.49%.

Get unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases, with no category restrictions or bonuses. They double the 1.5% Cashback Match™ at the end of the first year. There is no minimum spend requirement.

You can download transactions| quickly to Quicken, QuickBooks, and Excel. Keep in mind: you will need good to outstanding credit scores to get approval for this card.

Bonus Categories

Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card

Have a look at the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card. It has no annual fee. There is a 0% introductory APR for the initial twelve months. Afterwards, the APR is a variable 14.74 – 20.74%. You can get a $500 one-time cash bonus after spending $3,000 in the first 3 months from account opening.

You can get 5% cash back on the initial $25,000 spent in combined purchases at office supply stores and on internet, cable, and phone services each account anniversary year.

Get 2% cash back on the initial $25,000 spent in combined purchases at gasoline stations and restaurants each account anniversary year. Get 1% cash back on all other purchases. There is no limit to the amount you can earn.

You will need superb credit to qualify for this card.

Find it here:

Boosted Cash Back Categories

Bank of America® Business Advantage Cash Rewards MasterCard® credit card

Check out the Bank of America® Business Advantage Cash Rewards MasterCard® credit card. Get an 0% introductory APR for the initial 9 billing cycles of the account. After that, the APR is 13.74% – 23.74% variable. There is no yearly fee. You can get a $300 statement credit offer.

Get 3% cash back in the category of your choice. So these are gas stations (default), office supply stores, travel, TV/telecom & wireless, computer services or business consulting services. Earn 2% cash back on dining. So this is for the first $50,000 in combined choice category/dining purchases each calendar year. Then earn 1% after, with no limits.

You will need exceptional credit to qualify.

Find it here: 

Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards for Extravagant Travel Points

Flat-rate Travel Rewards

Capital One® Spark® Miles for Business

Take a look at the Capital One® Spark® Miles for Business. It has an introductory annual fee of $0 for the first year, which then rises to $95. The regular APR is 18.49%, variable due to the prime rate. There is no introductory annual percentage rate. Pay no transfer fees. Late fees go up to $39.

This card is great for travel if your expenses do not come under typical bonus categories. You can get unlimited double miles on all purchases, without any limits. Get 5x miles on rental cars and hotels if you book with Capital One Travel.

Get an introductory bonus of 50,000 miles. That’s the same as $500 in travel. However you only get it if you spend $4,500 in the first 3 months from account opening. There is no foreign transaction fee. You will need a good to outstanding FICO score to qualify.

Find it here:

Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards Credit Suite

Establish business credit fast with our research-backed guide to 12 business credit cards and lines.

Bonus Travel Categories with a Sign-Up Offer

Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card

For a wonderful sign-up offer and bonus categories, have a look at the Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card. 

Pay an annual fee of $95. Regular APR is 17.49 – 22.49%, variable. There is no introductory APR offer.

Get 100,000 bonus points after spending $15,000 in the first three months after account opening. This works out to $1,250 toward travel rewards if you redeem with Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Get 3 points per dollar of the first $150,000 you spend with this card. So this is for purchases on travel, shipping, internet, cable, and phone services. Plus it includes advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines each account anniversary year.

You can get 25% more in travel redemption when you redeem for travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards. You will need a good to excellent FICO score to qualify.

Find it here:

Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards and No Yearly Fee

Bank of America® Business Advantage Travel Rewards World MasterCard® credit card

For no annual fee while still getting travel rewards, have a look at this card from Bank of America. It has no annual fee and a 0% introductory APR for purchases during the initial nine billing cycles. Afterwards, its regular APR is 13.74 – 23.74% variable.

You can earn 30,000 bonus points when you make at least $3,000 in net purchases. So this is within 90 days of your account opening. You can redeem these points for a $300 statement credit towards travel purchases.

Earn unlimited 1.5 points for every $1 you spend on all purchases, everywhere, every time. And this is despite how much you spend.

Also earn 3 points per every dollar spent when you book your travel (car, hotel, airline) via the Bank of America® Travel Center. There is no limit to the number of points you can get and points do not expire.

You will need exceptional credit scores to get this one (as in, 700s or better).

Find it here:

Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards: A Hotel Credit Card

Marriott Bonvoy Business™ American Express® Card

Check out the Marriott Bonvoy Business™ Card from American Express. It has a yearly fee of $125. There is no introductory APR offer. The regular APR is a variable 17.24 – 26.24%. You will need good to outstanding credit to get this card.


You can earn 75,000 Marriott Bonvoy points after using your card to make purchases of $3,000 in the first 3 months. Get 6x the points for eligible purchases at participating Marriott Bonvoy hotels. You can get 4x the points at United States restaurants and filling stations. And you can get 4x the points on wireless telephone services purchased directly from US providers and on American purchases for shipping.

Get double points on all other eligible purchases.


Also, you get a free night every year after your card anniversary. And you can earn one more free night after you spend $60,000 on your card in a calendar year.

You get Marriott Bonvoy Silver Elite status with your Card. Plus, spend $35,000 on qualified purchases in a calendar year and earn an upgrade to Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite status through the end of the next calendar year.

Plus, each calendar year you can get credit for 15 nights towards the next level of Marriott Bonvoy Elite status.

Find it here:

Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards with No Annual Fee

No Annual Fee/Flat Rate Cash Back

Ink Business Unlimited℠ Credit Card

Take a look at the Ink Business Unlimited℠ Credit Card. Beyond no annual fee, get an introductory 0% APR for the first year. Afterwards, the APR is a variable 14.74 – 20.74%.

You can earn unlimited 1.5% Cash Back rewards on every purchase made for your business. And get $500 bonus cash back after spending $3,000 in the first three months from account opening. You can redeem your rewards for cash back, gift cards, travel and more through Chase Ultimate Rewards®. You will need outstanding credit scores to qualify for this card.

Find it here:

Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards Credit Suite

Establish business credit fast with our research-backed guide to 12 business credit cards and lines.

Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards with a 0% Introductory APR – Pay Zero!

Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express

Check out the Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express. It has no yearly fee. There is a 0% introductory APR for the first 12 months. After that, the APR is a variable 14.74 – 20.74%.

Get double Membership Rewards® points on day to day company purchases like office supplies or client suppers for the initial $50,000 spent annually. Get 1 point per dollar afterwards.

You will need great to exceptional credit scores to qualify.

Find it here:

American Express® Blue Business Cash Card

Also have a look at the American Express® Blue Business Cash Card. Keep in mind: the American Express® Blue Business Cash Card is identical to the Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express. But its rewards are in cash as opposed to points.

Get 2% cash back on all qualified purchases on up to $50,000 per calendar year. Then get 1%.

It has no yearly fee. There is a 0% introductory APR for the first year. After that, the APR is a variable 14.74 – 20.74%.

You will need great to superb credit to qualify.

Find it here:

The Best Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards for You

Your straight-out ideal business credit cards with cashback rewards will always hinge on your credit history and scores.

Just you can pick which features you want and need. So, to do your homework. What is exceptional for you could be catastrophic for another person.

And, as always, ensure to establish credit in the recommended order for the best, speediest benefits.

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Circularise | VISA / ONSITE, The Netherlands | Multiple | Full-Time | Global supply chains are complex and opaque, leading to harmful effects on the environment, affecting the wellbeing of people and creating pollution. Circularise is a dutch startup bringing transparency to global supply chains and accelerating the advent of a circular economy. We …

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Qualia | Sr. Security Engineer, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer, Sr. Full-Stack Software Engineers | San Francisco, CA or 100% remote in PST/MST time zones | Full-time, Salary + Options

Qualia ( is a startup making web applications for real estate professionals. We have raised over 95M in total funding, have not stopped hiring throughout COVID and are actively looking to add 150ish folks to the team before the end of the year.

We are making it easier to buy and sell homes by taking the process online.

Solving the real estate coordination problem makes for some really fun engineering and design challenges, and opportunities to make the process better for everyone involved.

About US:
– Well funded with years of runway
– Own 20% of a 40 Billion dollar industry
– Actively hiring during a world recession
– Personal and Career Growth opportunities
– 5X revenue Growth last 18 months
– All 3 Founders are Forbes 30 Under 30 Award recipients
– Recently named as one of the best startup employers in 2020.
-Named one of the “50 Future Unicorns” by CB Insights and Fast Company.

Contact David at!

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