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Covid Political Relief

Another spending blowout, but at least it has limits on the Fed.

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Recurrency (YC S20) is hiring engineers

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Top 15 Christian Homeschooling Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020

Top 15 Christian Homeschooling Podcasts Contents [show] ⋅About this list & ranking Christian Homeschooling Podcasts Simply Convivial | Pep Talks for Homemakers & Homeschoolers Classical Conversations Podcast Cultivating Grace The Busy Mom Podcast The Homeschool Sanity Show Making Biblical Family Life Practical Homeschooling on SermonAudio At Home With Sally Rogue Homeschoolers Podcast Homeschool Made Simple Christian Homeschool […]

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What will stop every NBA playoff team from winning it all

Kirk Goldsberry rolls through his second annual hater’s guide for the NBA postseason locks.

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The Great Back Door Secret to Creating Wealth

The Great Back Door Secret to Creating Wealth

There are some actions of prep work you do not desire to miss out on if you’re interested in producing riches. While there is a terrific back entrance key to producing riches, the roadway to finding that secret varies from one person to another. Allow’s check out some basic methods you can get going on that particular roadway as well as just how these actions relate to your day-to-day live.

Research concerning Attracting Wealth

This could appear evident, yet possibly among the very best methods to produce wide range is to research exactly how others have actually done it in the past. Pick meticulously whose life as well as which techniques of producing wide range you examine. Some individuals have actually developed riches with not-so-honest methods, as well as you’ll most definitely wish to remain satisfied as well as truthful while drawing in riches in your life.

Look for their “excellent back door trick” to bring in riches. Maybe they began going door to door as salespersons or begun as a staff and also functioned their means up to the setting of head of state or vice head of state of a huge firm. You can discover lots of publications composed by well-off males as well as ladies or go online to check out regarding just how to be effective.

Identify What Brings You Happiness

Riches indicates absolutely nothing without joy. The fantastic information is you can do both. Why not do what you enjoy most while all at once bring in wide range?

Establish Goals for Financial Freedom

Establish some objectives for your organisation by making a note of the earnings you want to gain this coming year, in 5 years, and also 10 years from currently. Make sure to develop objectives for both the short-term and also long-term, and also compose a service strategy with the actions required to get to the objectives. Develop a spending plan for your brand-new endeavor to figure out investing for advertising and marketing, stock (if relevant), as well as regular operating costs.

Producing Wealth by Helping Others

You will certainly bring in riches as you assist others understand their desires. You can do this by locating out the troubles and also issues others might have in organisation or also in their individual lives, and also after that produce options for them. If you’re interested in wellness and also physical fitness, you can establish solutions or items to aid others lead a much healthier life.

Once you find your very own abilities as well as possibility, producing wide range is not so challenging. This excellent back entrance key is easy to recognize, however lots of people are so active treking along in their present work that they never ever make an initiative to much better themselves. Maintain a favorable frame of mind as you grab your objectives and also you’ll quickly be bring in wide range like never ever prior to!

If you’re interested in developing riches, there are some actions of prep work you do not desire to miss out on. While there is a wonderful back door key to producing wide range, the roadway to uncovering that secret varies from individual to individual. Pick very carefully whose life as well as which techniques of developing wide range you examine. Some individuals have actually produced riches via not-so-honest ways, as well as you’ll absolutely desire to remain satisfied as well as sincere while drawing in wide range in your life.

Producing riches is not so tough once you find your very own abilities and also possibility.

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Welcome to Ecommerce Unlocked: Your Free Ecommerce Marketing Course

E-commerce is booming.

There are currently 24 million e-commerce sites and counting. And with only 12% of sales taking place online, you can expect there to be massive growth in the years to come.

So if you want to create an online business, one of the best ones to create is an e-commerce store.

But how do you market it? How do you grow your traffic? And, most importantly, how do you get sales?

Sure you can use tools like Ubersuggest to help you out, but what do you do if you need step-by-step instructions from the very beginning… especially if you have little-to-no marketing experience?

Introducing E-Commerce Unlocked

Over the next 4 weeks, I am going to teach you how to market an e-commerce website. From SEO to paid ads to even CRO… I am going to cover all aspects of e-commerce marketing.

And of course, all for free. 😉

E-Commerce Unlocked is similar to my free SEO training course, SEO Unlocked.

But unlike SEO Unlocked, which is a 7-week course, I thought it would be more efficient to get you the training you need in just 4 weeks.

So, every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, I will release new videos to teach you how to get more traffic and sales to an e-commerce site.

And just like SEO Unlocked, E-Commerce Unlocked will contain worksheets, cheat sheets, PDFs, spreadsheets, and everything else you need.

Here’s the first lesson, which you can watch below:

Make sure you go here to download the worksheets that go along with it.

So what exactly will I learn?

As I mentioned above, it is a 4-week course. Here is an overview of what will be broken down in each week and in each lesson:

Week #1

Lesson #1: Getting Started

  • Foundation methodology
  • Strategies you’re going to learn
  • Strategies & mindset

Lesson #2: Sales Channels

  • History of e-commerce the timeline
  • What is working in the e-commerce space
  • Introduction to sales channels
  • Understanding sales channels

Lesson #3: Marketing Channels

  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Which market and sales channels work
  • Building visibility and brand
  • Current & future movers and shakers in the e-commerce industry

Week #2

Lesson #1: Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Introduction
  • Product pages made to convert buyers
  • Experience
  • Using reviews
  • Urgency and scarcity
  • Abandoned carts and follow up
  • Increase your AOV (Average Order Value)
  • Exit intent – capture lost traffic
  • Split testing with Crazy Egg
  • Increasing conversions on your e-commerce store
  • Email marketing campaigns for your site
  • Action tasks for optimizing your website for conversions

Lesson #2: SEO & Content Production

  • Setting up your Google organic feed
  • Rank your product listing pages
  • E-commerce content marketing workflow
  • Technical SEO for e-commerce
  • Making your content & transaction pages
  • E-commerce topical clusters
  • Content examples to look at

Lesson #3: Content Promotion

  • Link building for e-commerce
  • Building links to content, PDPs, & PLPs
  • Social media and social proof leveraging
  • Social media platforms in the long-term
  • Strategy for content promotion

Week #3

Lesson #1: Amazon

  • Keyword research for Google & Amazon rankings (and the differences)
  • Data sources
  • How to write good copy, product descriptions, ads, and come up with different marketing “angles” for Amazon
  • Amazon promotions & lightning
  • Optimize your listings
  • Using Facebook Messenger & Manychat
  • Amazon PPC
  • Sell more to your existing customers

Lesson #2: Sales Channels

  • Getting higher rankings on marketplaces
  • Walmart – how to get set up and what to expect
  • eBay – how to get set up and what to expect
  • Etsy – how to get set up and what to expect
  • Wish – how to get set up and what to expect
  • Facebook Commerce – how to win
  • Getting traction on each platform & what to do to win in each platform

Lesson #3: Marketing Types

  • E-commerce Marketing for (B2B) vs (B2C)
  • Sales process for B2B e-commerce vs B2C
  • Picking the one that’s right for you – do both or pick one?

Week #4

Lesson #1: PLA Campaigns

  • Setting everything up
  • Google dynamic remarketing
  • Google product listing ads (Google Shopping Ads) introduction + setting up
  • Your PLA campaigns
  • Bing product listing ads + setting up
  • Facebook dynamic product ads + setting up DPA’s correctly
  • PLA + DPA summary

Lesson #2: Additional Marketing Channels

  • Instagram ads
  • YouTube PPC – world’s 2nd largest search engine work to get you sales
  • Etsy PPC – what’s working on Etsy
  • Email marketing campaigns must have campaigns for e-commerce
  • Automate your customer emails and gather reviews much faster

Lesson #3: Additional Channels

  • Working with influencers
  • Push notification – lists & messaging
  • Understanding your metrics (COGS, ROAS, ROI to see what SKUs to scale with)
  • Case studies
  • Summary

How can I follow along during the 4 weeks?

You’ll see videos released every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The videos are roughly 10 to 15 minutes in length on average so it shouldn’t take you more than an hour per week to follow along, including the completion of the homework assignments and worksheets.

To make things easier, the worksheets and homework assignments will be somewhat pre-filled so you will know what to do every step of the way.

No matter what, make sure you complete each assignment. Watching the videos is not enough.

Sure, the videos will teach you theories and strategies, but you also need to learn how to execute and implement. That’s why I want you to complete the worksheet and homework assignments.

In total, I’m asking you to commit an hour each week. If you are new to marketing, maybe an hour and a half, which should be doable. 🙂

Once you complete the 4 weeks (12 videos), you’ll know how to market any e-commerce website and even how to sell products online on sites like Amazon.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss a lesson (because I won’t be blogging about each lesson), make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel as I will be uploading the lessons there.

Once you click the link above, you’ll see a subscription box popup on YouTube. All you have to do is click the “SUBSCRIBE” button.

Once you click “Subscribe,” you’ll notice a bell image next to the subscribe button, make sure you click on that as well.

When you click on the bell, you’ll be given a few options.

Click on the “All” option. Next to the “subscribed” button, you should see a new bell notification :

This makes it so YouTube notifies you when I release a new E-commerce Unlocked lesson.


E-commerce is a booming field. Just look at Amazon, they are bigger than any traditional retailer.

Having the skillset of knowing how to market an e-commerce site can never be a bad thing.

And who knows, maybe you’ll do it full time as either a consultant or through running your own e-commerce site.

If you are new to marketing, don’t worry about being overwhelemed. I am going to teach you the main tactics that drive the majority of the results. And I will break them down in a simple step-by-step formula.

You’ll also be provided with the worksheets and tools you need, so you all you have to do is bring yourself and be willing to commit an hour to an hour and a half each week.

So, are you ready to learn e-commerce marketing?

PS: Leave a comment below letting me know what course you would like me to create next. I already did one on SEO, and now I am doing one on e-commerce marketing. Would you like one on content marketing, paid ads, Instagram…? It can be anything, just let me know in the comments.

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Georgia's Primary Fiasco

New comment by lomi-sf in "Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (May 2020)"

SEEKING WORK | REMOTE Preferred | Location Florida or US South Florida based freelance web developer/designer that specializes in WordPress(themes and plugins), Web Development, Web Design, Website Maintenance, E-commerce(WooCommerce) and Website Marketing. I helping out business and individuals with technical and non-technical aspects of their websites. Leave a message on my contact form at …

Federal Funding, the Coronavirus, and Avoiding Scams

It was … inevitable. As the federal funding bailout was put together, and the SBA Paycheck Protection Program was announced, the scammers came out of the woodwork.

Not now, Satan.

Federal Funding and the Dirty Business of Scamming

There are essentially two ways in which scammers could try to bilk the system. One is by way of fraudulent applications for federal funding. The other is by targeting small businesses and trying to rip them off.

Let’s take a look at both.

Scammers Trying Fraudulent Applications for Federal Funding

Both CNN and the New York Times warn of a crush of demand, particularly at the start. And it’s no wonder, as there have been nearly 10 million new unemployment claims for the weeks of March 15 – 28. Businesses large and small are shedding workers. Hopefully, a lot of this unemployment will be temporary.

But in the meantime, there are so many businesses in need that the ability of fraudsters to slip their bad actions in amongst the legitimate claims is heightened. That’s not good news. After all, the federal funding is limited. Federal funding isn’t infinite – and just printing up money to meet demand invites catastrophic inflation.

Fraudulent Applications for Federal Funding – the CARES Act May Be Making that Easier, not Harder

One update has been to raise the interest rate from .5% to 1%. The idea is to make it easier for community banks to participate.

According to the ABA Banking Journal:

“The lender does not need to conduct any verification if the borrower submits documentation supporting its request for loan forgiveness and attests that it has accurately verified the payments for eligible costs…The Administrator will hold harmless any lender that relies on such borrower documents and attestation from a borrower.”

CNN notes:

“In light of the urgent needs, Congress also allowed the SBA to expand eligible lenders who can participate in the program, meaning that banks that typically aren’t included on the SBA’s preferred lender list and don’t have experience administering SBA loans will now be allowed to.”

Is this a recipe for problems? You’d better believe it.

The SBA and federal government – rightfully – want to streamline the process and get cash into the hands of as many small business owners as possible. But unprecedented volume + inexperienced lenders + a ton of cash + scammers smelling easy marks = every opportunity for things to go haywire.

Federal Funding COVID-19 Scams Credit Suite

Want to review your options with one of our consultants? Give us a call at 877-600-2487.

Federal Funding and Attempts to Rip off Small Businesses

In perhaps the unkindest cut of all, there are already situations of scammers trying to prey upon desperate small business owners.

According to the SBA, they do not initiate calls regarding either 7(a) or disaster loans or grants.

“If you are proactively contacted by someone claiming to be from the SBA, suspect fraud.”

It’s best to hear it straight from the SBA about scammers.

SBA Federal Funding Advice on Scammers


  • “If you are contacted by someone promising to get approval of an SBA loan, but requires any payment up front or offers a high interest bridge loan in the interim, suspect fraud.
  • SBA limits the fees a broker can charge a borrower to 3% for loans $50,000 or less and 2% for loans $50,000 to $1,000,000 with an additional ¼% on amounts over $1,000,000.  Any attempt to charge more than these fees is inappropriate.
  • If you have questions about other SBA lending products, call SBA’s Answer Desk at 800-827-5722 or send an email to”


And, of course, the SBA also warns small business owners to be on the lookout for phishing schemes, where fraudsters send official-looking email in the hopes that an entrepreneur will reveal important private information. This private information includes passwords, Social Security Numbers, and the like.

Fortunately, there are ways to spot an SBA loan scam.

Inc’s Ways to Spot an SBA Loan Scam

Inc offers four helpful ways to determine if someone is trying to scam you as you apply for an SBA PPP loan (or any other SBA loan emerging from the COVID-19 situation).

1. Don’t Reveal Any Personal Information

Much like the SBA warns, scammers may try to contact your business and offer help getting loans – or even the loans themselves. That is, so long as you hand over your business credit card number or the like.

According to Inc:

“Scammers could use this information to apply for a loan on your behalf–and you’ll be on the hook for paying it back. Also note, you only get one opportunity to apply for a loan, according to Ami Kassar, founder and CEO of MultiFunding, a small-business loan adviser based in Ambler, Pennsylvania.

If you do receive any notices like this, the Treasury Department recommends contacting the FBI.

2. Don’t Pay for the Privilege of Applying

The CARES Act is set up in such a way that there are no closing costs. You won’t have to pay any application or package fees, either. So if someone claims they can get you a loan faster if you just cross their palm with silver – run the other way.

Federal Funding COVID-19 Scams Credit Suite

Want to review your options with one of our consultants? Give us a call at 877-600-2487.

3. Don’t Work with Unknown Lenders

The SBA is relaxing a number of its rules. But even though a lender does not have to be a preferred lender, they do need to have applied for preferred lender status. So, as Inc. suggests, try working with your local bank first. That is, a bank with which you already have a relationship.

It will be a lot more difficult for a local bank with a brick and mortar presence to skip town than an online lender you have never heard of before.

But can online lenders participate? At the time of writing of this blog post, not yet. But they’re trying.

Online FinTech Lenders Are Looking to Be a Part of the Federal Funding Bailout

Recently, 22 fintech lenders sent a letter asking to be allowed to take part in the Paycheck Protection Program. They wrote to Majority Leader McConnell, Minority Leader Schumer, Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader McCarthy, saying:

“We seek no gain from this crisis. Our only aim is to protect the millions of small businesses that we are proud to call our customers.”

The signatories to the letter were online lenders we’ve heard of and even reviewed before.

Signatories Already Reviewed by Credit Suite

We like Fundbox, and in the interests of full disclosure, we work with them. Check out our most recent review of Fundbox.

Check out our Bluevine Capital Inc. review for how we feel about them. Our Credibly review may help you decide how you feel about this lender – assuming they can get approval from the SBA.

And take a look at our review of Fundera for more information. Take a look at our Funding Circle review for all the details.

Check out our latest Kabbage review for what we think of them. Our Lendio review should be helpful to you. Plus our OnDeck Capital review can help you get acquainted with this online lender.

Signatories We Haven’t Reviewed Yet – But Will!

Biz2Credit is based in New York City. BFS Capital is another New York City-based fintech company. Enova International is based in Chicago. Faire is devoted to working with crafters. FiveStars supports local businesses. FundRocket is based in San Francisco.

GetUpside is an app company working with businesses and consumers. They’re in Washington, DC. Homebase is another San Francisco-based company. They make time management and scheduling software. LendingTree is a marketplace for small business loans, mortgages, and more. They are based in Charlotte.

Middesk provides business analysis. Plaid helps companies with business finance management. SevenRooms provides data-driven operations and marketing for restauranteurs. Signpost works with small businesses on their customer communications, brand reputations, and marketing outreach. Thanx provides CRM software to restaurants.

Veem provides a payment network system. They work internationally, so if your business does international commerce, they can help you get paid by folks in Lithuania who owe your business money. Wisely provides a fully integrated host stand, marketing automation, and guest sentiment software suite for growing restaurant brands. And Womply provides CRM and reputation management software.

4. Don’t Buy into Fast Promises

Unfortunately, there are a ton of predatory lenders out there. Avoid falling prey to them!

According to Inc.:

“If a company or person is telling you they can get you an SBA loan under the new PPP in a matter of hours, steer clear. Lenders are still waiting on guidance for how to process these loans. The application is expected to be available starting April 3.”

And remember to always verify what you read with information directly from the government or a reputable company. Don’t believe it unless and until you can verify.

Federal Funding COVID-19 Scams Credit Suite

Want to review your options with one of our consultants? Give us a call at 877-600-2487.

Federal Funding and Federal Oversight

On April 2, 2020, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the formation of a committee to oversee the Trump Administration’s handling of the $2 trillion relief package. And that includes the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program. This committee is actually concerned with the novel coronavirus itself. Its oversight function exists alongside a function to check the latest science to be sure responses are logical and can save the most lives.

Per CNBC, Speaker Pelosi “said the committee ‘will root out waste, fraud and abuse’ and ‘protect against price-gouging, profiteering and political favoritism.’”

CNBC further notes, “Congress [has] added an inspector general and congressional oversight posts to monitor how Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin uses the money. The law also includes limits on stock buybacks, dividends and executive compensation for companies that receive taxpayer bailout money. “

But will this oversight be enough? The jury is still out.

Federal Funding, COVID-19, and Scams: Takeaways

As this situation continues to unfold, we will no doubt see changes. Nuances and details are likely to need updating. So be sure to check out our Paycheck Protection Program information page as we will be updating it with the latest. Once we know it, you will.

We’re all in this together. And we hope you can steer clear of scams and cheats.

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Top 5 Penny Stock Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020

Top 5 Penny Stock Podcasts
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1. In Penny Stock

New York City, New York, United States About Podcast Mubarak Shah from the InPennyStock reveals all of his penny stock trading strategies, techniques, advice, and resources so you can gain a competitive edge in the penny stock markets. If you’re new to the stock market and want to get started investing or trading penny stocks, this is the EXACT podcast for you. Learn how to turn a mere $500 into $10,000+ by understanding the market trends and patterns that Mubarak teaches in these podcast episodes. Frequency 1 episode / month Podcast
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2. Stock Day Media

Stock Day MediaPhoenix, Arizona, United States About Podcast Welcome to Stock Day Media. Beginning with our Stock Day podcast we give Micro-Cap companies transparency and investors the information they need to make informed decisions about their investment portfolio. Our CEO Everett Jolly has over twenty-five years in the financial sector. With that experience comes a wealth of knowledge and a desire to teach investors about the Micro-Cap market. The Micro-Cap/Penny Stock space offers many options for investors. Frequency 2 episodes / day Podcast
Twitter followers 715 ⋅ Instagram Followers 627 ⋅ Domain Authority 89 ⋅ Alexa Rank 22.8K

3. MicroCap Investing Strategies | Planet MicroCap Podcast

MicroCap Investing Strategies | Planet MicroCap Podcast Los Angeles, California, United States About Podcast MicroCap Investing Strategies is about educating the next generation of investors in MicroCap Stocks. It is hosted by Robert Kraft, Editor-in-Chief of, the official MicroCap news source. Frequency 1 episode / week Podcast
Facebook fans 2.4K ⋅ Twitter followers 2.5K ⋅ Social Engagement 10 ⋅ Domain Authority 86 ⋅ Alexa Rank 5.4M

4. Sir.Trade.A.Lot

Sir.Trade.A.LotAbout Podcast Journey through the stock market from the point of view of a novice trader. Trading penny stocks using a small account, attempting to one day no longer have to worry about pattern day trader rules. Discussing educational materials, stocks, strategy, psychology, and the ups and downs of a typical day, day trading and swing trading. Frequency 12 episodes / year Since Jun 2018 Podcast
Domain Authority 74 ⋅ Alexa Rank 5.2K

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