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Free Video Editing Software For E-commerce Videos

High-quality video content is a great way to showcase products professionally in an e-commerce store. AI Multiple, a digital B2B research firm, found that video content makes website visitors 64-85% more likely to buy a product, compared to static images.

There are many ways to edit your videos for free. Free video editing software has become increasingly popular in recent years, and the perks of the programs are always evolving.

These days, you can create high-quality, engaging video content that converts without paying the high sticker price of big-name software. If you’re not sure about product videos for e-commerce, or you don’t know where to invest your money, then free video editing software is a great place to start experimenting.

Is Free Video Editing Software as Effective as Paid Tools?

Paid doesn’t always mean better. Free video editing software has come a long way since its inception, and the latest platforms are incredibly versatile.

Many paid tools have impressive free versions, so you can use your favorite software without paying a subscription fee. This is a great way to test out content types and figure out the design direction for your videos.

Paid Tools with Free Subscriptions

These free versions allow you to test out paid products and see how they work. If you’re a beginner, there are tutorials and walkthroughs that can get you started.

That being said, there are many free tools with equal or greater editing options as paid tools. It’s important to figure out what kind of features you’re looking for, whether that be short-form, DIY social videos, product testimonials, online ads, or animated clips. Once you know what you need, it will be much easier to find the tool that suits your verticals.

How to Use Free Video Editing Software to Help Your E-Commerce Site

Video content can help you display your products in new and inventive ways. Customers appreciate being able to see a product in action. They also want to know what other people think of it, so posting reviews and demos can be a great way to target those audiences.

Youtube is the second-most trafficked site on the internet, coming in right after Google. This tells us the public is interested in video content and is searching for it every day. In fact, it’s estimated that users spend almost 100 minutes a day watching online video content.

So, what are these consumers looking for?

The CMO Council, a marketing research firm, found 48% of consumers want to see content that reflects products or services they are already interested in. Likewise, 43% of consumers want to see content that gives them clear information on the next steps they need to take in order to purchase.

Free video editing software can help you speak to this growing demographic and introduce your products to their vast sales funnel.

With well-edited videos, you can showcase the way your products move, answer FAQs, make your own promotional videos, highlight customer reviews, and give live product demos. This offers new value to your consumers that static content misses.

Want to find out how to get started with video marketing? With just a few simple tools you can maximize your conversions and extend your reach online.

What Features to Look For in Free Video Editing Software

Free video editing software can help you to create stand-out video content for your e-commerce platform.

There are so many different programs to choose from and even more features to consider.

But don’t get overwhelmed!

The first step is to figure out what you want your content to look like. Are you making short-form ads for Instagram Stories? Are you creating Google ads, Facebook banners, or on-site product pieces? Different content requires different features, so make sure you know what you’re looking for.

Once you know what you want to create, sorting through the noise is easier. Here are some features to consider when choosing your free video editing software.

Choose Your Video Editing Skill Level

If you’re brand new to video editing, it’s best to start simple. Choose video editing software that doesn’t have too many complex features and one that will give you a tutorial. You can also find an online walkthrough to explain the best ways to use the software.

Give yourself enough time to play around with software before your project deadline. These tools can have a learning curve depending on which software you choose, so keep that in mind before you commit.

Video Editing Supported Formats

Some platforms, such as Youtube, require specific formats in order to upload content. It’s important to research what your format requirements are before diving into the new software.

If you want to publish your content in 4K, or maybe convert it to 720p, it’s a good idea to factor that into your content creation planning.

Some free video editing software platforms have a range of compatibility options, while others are very limited. Be sure to read the fine print before downloading anything.

Audio Video Editing Tools

Depending on what kind of content you’re producing, you may want to add audio tracks or musical elements to your videos.

Some free video editing software support audio mastering, while others don’t have those options. You may be able to add audio in through a secondary program if you want to, but it’s probably better to find software that does everything you need it to from the start.

Likewise, the audio tools may be limited to in-program purchases or pre-determined tracks. So be sure to choose software that will allow you to upload outside media if that’s what your content needs.

Titles and Subtitles

Titles and subtitles are a great way to overlay branding or text. You can also increase accessibility and speak to consumers who may have their volume turned off as they scroll.

Many free video editing software platforms have title and subtitle options. That being said, not all of them allow you to export or import these and you may need to do a bit of extra research to find a platform that supports more advanced text options.


If you’re looking to involve your team members in the editing process, then choosing a tool that supports collaboration will be important.

Many of these tools have limits on how many collaborators can participate, so make sure you know how many people will be logging onto the software and in what capacity they will be contributing.

Best Free Video Editing Software

No matter what kind of content you want to create, there is a free video editing software out there that can make your e-commerce dreams come true.

Remember, there are different apps for mobile, desktop, and even Instagram-specific editing tools. Read the software details to ensure you’ll be able to use your video on your desired platform.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one of the most approachable free video editing software platforms. You can add images, soundtracks, and animations directly into your uploaded videos. You can also edit and share your videos from the app, so you don’t have to spend time waiting for lengthy uploads.

Adobe Spark features:

  • Seamless social sharing options
  • Variety of typography, animations, imagery, and themes to choose from
  • Metric tracking for content

The free version gives you access to most of their basic editing software. You can also go premium for $9.99 per month.

adobe spark free video editing software


Avidemux is a great beginner video editing software. It can be used on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems and boasts a clear, simple, easy-to-navigate interface.

The downside is there aren’t as many features as some of the other software platforms we’ve discussed. That said, if you’re just getting into video editing, this is a great place to start.

Avidemux features:

  • Cutting
  • Encoding
  • Filtering
  • Audio integration

Avidemux is 100% free.

avidemux free video editing software


Clipchamp lets you edit clips directly in your browser without having to upload anything. It’s compatible with all file sizes and offers a range of customizable video templates curated by industry professionals.

Clipchamp features:

  • Video editing
  • Compression
  • Converting
  • Add audio
  • Add text

Clipchamp is a great option for those looking to do some quick and easy editing. Although it lacks some of the in-depth, professional features that can be useful, it makes up for it by being easy to navigate and learn.

The basic platform is free for up to 5-minute pieces. Premium plans begin at $14 per month.

clipchamp free video editing software

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is a professional-grade free video editing software that can be used on either Mac or Windows systems.

HitFilm offers advanced and beginner features that rival some of the best paid platforms out there. The catch? You have to post about them on social media before you can start editing.

HitFilm Express features:

  • Green screen effects
  • Advanced cutting tools
  • Video and audio filters
  • Layers and masking
  • 3D video support

If you’re a beginner, factor in some extra time to learn the interface. Don’t worry too much, there are a range of tutorial videos to get you started which are based on popular Hollywood franchises like Star Wars and Marvel. The videos are fun to watch and you might even learn something!

hitfilm express free video editing software is free video editing software for creating branded content. They have a huge stock video and image library and an array of different templates you can add to your video. features:

  • Free library of image and video clips
  • Voiceover recording
  • Audio library of 300,000 royalty-free audio tracks
  • Ad-free video hosting is free for up to 15-second videos. Paid subscriptions start at $8.25 per minute.

Looking for more video editing software options? Check out these 5 video editing tools.

wave free video editing software

Next Steps After Choosing the Best Free Video Editing Software Tool

Once you’ve chosen your software, it’s time to get to work!

Depending on the software you pick, your next steps will look a little different.

If you choose a professional video editing software such as Avidemux or HitFilm Express, then you’ll need to upload some content of your own before you get started.

If you have some product shots or e-commerce reels, you can upload them into these platforms to cut them into shorter clips, add in text overlays or branded content, or add in audio tracks or music.

If you chose a more simple software like Adobe Spark or, you could start by choosing a template and editing it to make it your own. You can also upload product images or videos and then utilize some of the free, in-app features like typography or animations to enhance your video.

To maximize your content for e-commerce conversions, make sure you tailor your content for your platform. If you’re trying to showcase how your product works, a product video is a good place to start. If you want to advertise a sale or discount on a Facebook ad, be sure to pay attention to sizing requirements and formatting options.


We know how important video content is for e-commerce conversions, but making video content doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

If you’re looking to drive more e-commerce store traffic or maximize audience engagement with fun and creative video content, then using free video editing software is a great place to start.

Who knows, maybe with a little practice, you’ll be the next Spielberg of e-commerce.

What are some ways you can use video content to strengthen your e-commerce sales?

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SEO Doesn’t Have to be a Long-Term Game: There Are Quicker Ways to Get Results

Everyone thinks SEO is a long-term game… that you have to wait months if not years to see results. And, maybe that was the case a few years ago when content was still king.

With Google making 3200 algorithm changes in just one year, their goal isn’t to make a website wait a year or two before they are able to achieve a top spot.

Instead, they want to show the user the right site as quick as possible. It doesn’t matter if the site has been around for 10 years, or 10 days.

How SEO has changed

It used to be that if you want to rank well, you would have to create tons of long-form content and build links.

Or have a really aged domain with history. But as Google has clearly stated, having an older domain or even a new domain won’t affect your rankings.

And sure, those things still matter today. But there are over 200 factors in Google’s algorithm.

In other words, there are other tactics that produce quick results.

For example, a few weeks I wrote a blog post about FAQ schema and how you can see the difference with your Google listing in 30 minutes.

Literally, 30 minutes.

That kind of stuff wasn’t possible before.

And SEO is no longer just a game of ranking on Google. There are tons of popular search engines like YouTube, in which you can get results in 24 hours.

Their algorithm is a bit different than Google’s in which if a video does really well in the first 24 hours of it being released, it will get shown more and rank higher.

In essence, you can take a top spot on YouTube in just days, no matter how competitive the term maybe.

You are full of it Neil?

Look, I’m not trying to say you can rank for “auto insurance” on Google within 24 hours or achieve unrealistic results, but you can drastically grow your search traffic in a reasonable time if you follow the right tactics.

It doesn’t matter if you have a new website or an old one.

So how do you get results faster? What’s the secret?

Well, I have a Master Class that will teach you how to double your traffic, but you’ll have to wait till Thursday.

I’m going to be introducing something new in which you can get more search traffic in 30 days.

All you have to do is take one simple action each day. And the action is so simple that it shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes.

Stay tuned!

PS: Don’t forget to add the Master Class to your calendar. That way you’ll get notified on Thursday when it comes out.

The post SEO Doesn’t Have to be a Long-Term Game: There Are Quicker Ways to Get Results appeared first on Neil Patel.