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How to Dominate Google in 2021

SEO is becoming harder and harder.

It takes longer to rank and you have to spend more money to get results.

The reality is, you can’t wait forever to get results, and you have no choice but to leverage SEO because everyone else is doing it.

So, what should you do?

Well, the first thing you need to do is adjust how you think about SEO.

SEO isn’t only about rankings. To be honest, I don’t even track them for my own site. It’s about getting the right kind of traffic.

You know, the visitors who are ready to buy.

Instead of teaching you how to rank for competitive terms, which is going to be even more difficult in 2021, I’m going to break down a formula that will give you much faster results and sales in this ultra-competitive environment.

Best of all, I am going to break it down into four steps as I know you don’t have the time to do everything.

Here’s the four step SEO strategy that will help you dominate Google rankings in 2021:

Google Ranking Step #1: Attract Customers Before They are Ready to Buy

The most expensive keywords to go after are buyer intent keywords. You know, the ones where someone types in a keyword and is ready to spend money right then and there.

That will always be the case. Not just from an SEO standpoint, but even a pay per click standpoint.

So should you ignore these valuable keywords?

Of course not. More so, you have to go after them no matter how long it takes to rank. You just have to be patient.

In the short run, there are other keywords with similar search patterns. Now, they aren’t as lucrative because they are more informational related.

Here’s the kicker: People research before they buy. If you can grab those searchers at the start of the journey, you can get their clicks (and purchases) for little to no money.

So how do you find the keywords that aren’t as competitive that have a similar search pattern?

Use Ubersuggest (and the accompanying free Chrome extension as you look through SERPs).

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you are selling beard oil but you know the term is competitive and will take you a lot longer to rank for than you have.

Ubersuggest will show you all of the terms people search for on Google that has a similar search pattern to the term “beard oil.”

In other words, think of it as Google Trends in reverse. With Google Trends, you type in a query and it shows you how well the term performed over time. Using Ubersuggest, you get a list of queries that have a similar trend pattern to the main keyword you want to rank for.

In other words, if you know the term “beard oil” will cause a sale, Ubersuggest will show you other terms that match the same pattern (some keywords will be relevant while others will not).

Type in “beard oil” or the term you want to rank for into Ubersuggest, then click “Keyword Ideas.” It’ll show you a list of related suggestions, but some of those terms still have pretty high intent–not quite what we are looking for.

Click “Related.”

Here’s what I got:

ubersuggest dominate google

As you can see from the image above, people type in terms like best beard oil. Other terms include beard oil vs balm, what does beard oil do, and beard oil recipes.

If you write in-depth blog content about those phrases, you’ll appeal to a similar audience. Some of those keywords may not cause a sale right away, but what we’ve found over and over again is that if you write content related to your main subject, a lot of your blog readers will come back within a few weeks and purchase.

That’s how most people generate their sales from content marketing.

You don’t even have to write blog content, you can just create new landing pages targeting those new keywords.

Most people who sell beard oil probably don’t focus catching those top of the funnel terms.

Google Ranking Step #2: Land and Expand

Everyone focuses on ranking for new terms. But there is an issue, it’s hard to rank for new terms.

Even though SEO has a huge ROI, it’s a strategy that requires patience.

Here is the thing: you can get results faster if you use the land and expand strategy.

Here’s how it works. Log into Google Search Console. Next, click on “performance” and you will see a list of terms that you currently rank for:

search console keywords dominate google

Then I want you to click on one of the most popular terms you already rank for and then click on pages.

You should see a report that shows you the URL that ranks for the term on Google. You need this URL because you will be modifying this page.

search console pages dominate google

Now I want you to take that term and put it into Ubersuggest. Once the report loads, click on “Keyword Ideas” in the navigation. You’ll see a report that will look something like this:

ubersuggest keywords dominate google

You’ll see a laundry list of long tail phrases. Take the ones that are buyer-intent related and add them to the page that already ranks for the head term.

When adding the long tail phrases, make sure you adjust your content to be relevant to those keywords. And pick the ones that are highly related to your product or service. Just stuffing them into your page without adjusting the content is spammy and won’t provide a good user experience to searchers.

What you will find is that because you are already ranking for the head term, typically you will shoot to page one within 30 to 60 days for the long-tail variation by adjusting your content. It’s a quick win!

But the key to this strategy is to pick the right longtail keywords. Don’t just look at traffic numbers, focus on terms that you know will cause a sale or a lead.

Google Ranking Step #3: Build a Brand

Google has been placing more emphasis on brands. In other words, if you have a strong brand, you’ll rank faster.

When I really started focusing on brand building, my traffic went from 240,839 in June 2016:

june traffic build a brand for google rankings

To 454,382 in August 2016:

aug traffic dominate google

As the Ex-CEO of Google said:

Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.

In other words, if you want to succeed on Google in the long run, you have to build a brand. As your brand grows, your search traffic will as well.

The way to monitor your brand growth is Google Trends. Type in your brand name into Google Trends as well as a few of your competitors to see how you are stacking up.

google trends how to dominate google

Sadly, there isn’t a quick hack to skyrocket your brand. There is, however, a formula that works for both personal and corporate brands.

What is the formula?

You do something bold!

Sure people can tell you to blog, speak at conferences, run ads; but none of that helps you build a brand that has a loyal following because everyone else is already doing the same things (or trying at least).

What your competition isn’t doing is being bold. If you want a brand like Tony Robbins or Apple, bold is the way to go.

So how do you do something that is bold?

Well, let’s first start with a personal brand (although I recommend that you build a corporate one instead).

Do the Opposite

When it comes to building a personal brand, you’ll have to take the opposite approach of most people in your space. Whatever is working for them won’t work for you.

No one cares for the copycat, especially when they are satisfied with the original solution.

In other words, if you do exactly what your competitor is doing no one will care to follow you.

Let me give you examples of how to do the opposite of your competition:

  • Genuinely help people: A lot of people blog and participate on social media, but how many people take the time to respond to their community? As far as I can tell, less than 1%. Just look at me. For years, I’ve responded to comments on my blog, Facebook, and even YouTube. Most people don’t take the time; doing the opposite has helped me build a connection. And if you are wondering why I do this it’s because when I started out I had no money and people helped me. I’m just trying to do the same.
  • Writing 10x content: When I got into blogging, everyone was doing it. So I had to find a way to separate myself. I did this by writing in-depth guides–not those 5,000-word blog posts, I am talking about 30,000-word guides. On top of that, I spent money on the design so they would look beautiful.
  • Creating video content: when I got into the digital marketing community, there were already large conferences that had thousands of attendees. I thought speaking at all of them would help my brand, and they did to some extent, but I was just another speaker. Very few people in my space were creating video content. So now instead of giving speeches at conferences, I give them on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I reach more people without having to travel and the content lives on forever (and is available for free to everyone!).

That’s how I stood out from my competition and built a personal brand. Then I did it for years because brands aren’t built overnight.

If you aren’t sure on how to do the opposite of your competition when it comes to your personal brand leave a comment and I’ll try and give you some ideas.

Now let’s go into building a brand for your company. It all comes down to one thing:

Be Bold

No matter what you are selling online you have competition. It doesn’t matter if you are a B2B or a B2C business, you have competition, which means it is going to be hard for your brand to stand out.

So, how do you differentiate yourself?

You do so by being bold.

Let me give you an example. In the United States, there are tons of options for cell phone carriers. So how do you stand out when everyone offers the same phone and competitive pricing?

Well, T-Mobile separated itself by offering free Netflix, unlimited data, and free roaming.

tmobile how to dominate google

And you don’t have to be a big company to do something bold.

When Zappos started selling shoes they decided to do a few things differently. First, they offered a refund policy that lasted 1 year. Just think about that–if you return a shoe to them 12 months later, the chances are it’s out of style and they won’t be able to resell it.

zappos how to dominate google

Then they decided to randomly upgrade their shipping. So instead of ground shipping, they would randomly upgrade you to two-day or next-day air.

Amazon crushed their competition the moment they rolled out their Prime program. When it first came out, you would get free 2-day shipping on all Prime products for just $99 a year. What a ridiculously amazing offer.

Now that’s being bold!

Being bold doesn’t have to break your bank account. You don’t have to do something like Amazon and T-Mobile; it can be as simple as providing amazing customer service when you are in an industry that’s known for terrible support.

If you are unsure of how you can be bold with your business, leave a comment and I will try and give you some ideas. Make sure you provide an overview of your business so I can give you halfway decent ideas. 😉

Of course, being bold won’t build your brand overnight (it takes years) but you should see growth each quarter. If you aren’t, that means you aren’t being bold enough.

Google Ranking Step #4: Build a Better Mousetrap

A mousetrap? Why would you want to build a mousetrap?

Link building is still important. Sure, Google is looking at many other factors now, but link building still helps with rankings.

But it is harder to build links than it used to be back in the day. Everyone is blogging… heck, there are over 440 million blogs and over a billion if you count Tumblr, Medium, and

Yes, that means there are more sites to hit up and ask for a link but everyone is doing that.

So how do you build links when everyone is getting those spammy emails asking for a link, such as the one below?

spammy links guide to dominate google

You have to build a better mousetrap. Something so amazing that everyone wants to link to it without you asking.

It used to be detailed guides but seeing 10,000-word guides that have fancy designs are more common these days than when I started creating them.

They still work, especially when it comes to brand building, but they just aren’t as effective when it comes to link building.

Same with infographics, they used to get tons of social shares and links (they still do to some extent), but they aren’t as effective as they used to be.

So what kind of mousetrap do you need to build? You could start off with something that people are used to paying for.

For example, the consulting firm Price Intelligently released a free analytics software called ProfitWell.

With very little marketing, they were able to generate 943 backlinks from 187 domains.

profitwell guide to dominate google

I also did this with Ubersuggest.

ubersuggest tool guide to dominate google

I put in more effort into marketing, so I was able to generate 10,667 unique backlinks.

ubersuggest links dominate google

A great example in the consumer space (this would do wonders for e-commerce sites as well) is animated infographics. Everyone has seen infographics, so Aminagraffs decided to make their infographics animated, which caused them to go viral.

Here’s part of their infographic that breaks down how a car motor works.

car motor guide to dominate google in 2021

Best of all, the Amimagraphs founder didn’t do any marketing; the graphic just spread. Even with no marketing, it generated 751 backlinks from 136 domains and over 200,000 visitors.

car backlinks guild to dominate google

If you want to use old-school link building tactics, you can, they just won’t help you as much in 2021. So, get creative and build a better mousetrap.

When you build a good mousetrap, you may be worried about cost. But there is a different way to think about it:

How much would you be spending on marketing to get the same results?

People make fun of me for what I am doing with Ubersuggest and think it is silly that I can “lose” $150,000 or so a month. But if I had to buy that traffic, it would cost me much more than $150,000. Even though my mousetrap is expensive, it is still cheaper than paid ads.

You don’t have to go as far as me. Doing what Animagraffs is affordable. I paid them $750 to create an animated infographic for me. I’m not sure what they charge these days, but I bet you can find someone on the web who will do it for a few hundred bucks.


Instead of thinking of SEO in the traditional sense, I want you to shift your strategy.

SEO is only going to get harder, Google is going to continually change their algorithm in ways you may not like. But one thing is for certain: the traditional way of doing SEO will get you results, just not in the timeframe you want.

So, follow the four steps above. They are unconventional, but the industry is so competitive and saturated that you have no choice but to think outside of the box.

So what other unique strategies are you going to leverage in 2021?

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Best Live Chat Software

Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

Live chat has quickly become an integral part of customer service in the digital era. 

When a customer or website visitor has a question, complaint, or needs some other type of assistance, they expect to reach your brand via live chat.

In addition to the improved customer experience, live chat is also more efficient for your support team. Service reps can’t field more than one phone call simultaneously, but they can handle multiple live chat conversations at the same time.

Overall, live chat is fast, effective, and more cost-efficient than any other type of customer communication. In terms of consumer preferences, it ranks higher than phone, email, and social media. Every website needs to have live chat.

With that said, there are dozens of different live chat solutions available on the market today. Which one is the best for you and your website? Continue below for my in-depth analysis.

The Top 7 Options For Live Chat Software

  1. Zendesk
  2. JivoChat
  3. Pure Chat
  4. Intercom
  5. LiveChat
  6. Acquire
  7. Smartsupp

How to Choose the Best Live Chat Software For You

As you’re comparing different live chat options, there are certain feature sets and considerations that must be evaluated. I’ll break these factors down in greater detail, so you have a better understanding of what to look for. 

Number of Agents

How big is your support team?

There’s a big difference between businesses with 5, 50, and 500 agents. Most plans will have some limitations on how many support reps can access the software. Other plans will have minimum seat requirements as well. 

It’s also important for you to look down the road as your company grows. Is it easy to add new agents to your plan at scale? Make sure you’re not locked into a plan that restricts your scalability.

Use Cases

Why exactly are you in the market for live chat software?

Sure, there are plenty of general-purpose options out there. But some software is designed to accommodate specific needs and goals. For example, there is live chat software for lead qualification, live chat software for customer engagement, and live chat software for customer support. 

These are just a few of many examples that should be taken into consideration. 

Omnichannel Support

If you’ve got customers reaching out to your brand on different channels, you want to make sure that the software seamlessly integrates with those third-party systems.

For example, you could potentially manage conversations from your website and conversations from Facebook Messenger within the same live chat software. Your service reps can handle everything from a single dashboard, instead of switching screens and being forced to use different platforms. 


Automation is arguably the most crucial and desirable feature of live chat software. It speeds up service requests significantly, and it’s a cost-effective way to provide assistance 24/7/365.

Chatbots don’t take lunch breaks or sick days. They work nights, weekends, and holidays. So if a website visitor has a question at 2:00 AM on a Saturday, it can potentially be resolved with a self-service chatbot. 

For businesses with multiple departments, chatbots and live chat software can automatically route messages to the right representative. Questions about returns would be sent directly to a support rep, while questions about new products would be routed to a sales rep.

Extras and Bonus Features

Aside from the core live chat software tools, each software will offer additional features with different plans. Not all of these will be a deal-breaker, but it’s helpful to have if you’re going to take advantage of these offerings.

I’m referring to features like CRM integrations, chat history, custom widgets, admin monitoring, helpdesk features, HIPAA-compliance, calendar integrations, appointment scheduling, etc.

The Different Types of Live Chat Software

At its core, live chat software is essentially real-time messaging on a website between a visitor and brand representative from a chatbox on the corner of the page. But within this broad classification, live chat can be segmented into three main categories.


Chatbots use AI technology and automation to solve problems. In many cases, customer inquiries can be resolved without any human interaction if you add chatbots to your website. 

It’s also common for sites to use chatbots initially, before ultimately routing the conversation to a support representative. Chatbots can help qualify the visitor and ultimately get the inquiry resolved faster.

Chatbots typically won’t come standard with basic live chat software plans. These are usually offered as an add-on. Don’t let the price of chatbots scare you away from using them. Over the long-term, it’s much cheaper to use bots than paying for human labor. 

Live Chat For Sales

There are lots of great sales-specific live chat solutions out there. This type of live chat software will include built-in CRM tools (or integrate with the CRM you’re already using), lead qualification features, and customer engagement tools.

Your sales agents will have a much easier time closing leads if you’re leveraging live chat software built for sales. 

Customer Support Software

Live chat is a common component of helpdesk software. Lots of customer service software on the market will have features for things like ticket support and team collaboration, but the best ones will also include live chat. 

Not every live chat software is built specifically for customer support. So if this is the primary feature that you’re looking for, make sure you choose a solution with those helpdesk features and support tools. 

#1 – Zendesk Review — Best For Customer Engagement

Zendesk is a versatile live chat software trusted by 200,000+ businesses worldwide. They have solutions for sales, support, and customer engagement. 

One of the reasons why Zendesk ranks so high on my list is because of its simplicity. The software is easy to use, and you can deploy it within hours of signing up.

Zendesk is used by some big names and industry leaders, like Shopify, Slack, Uber, Venmo, and more. Here are some of the top reasons why I recommend it:

  • Reach out to customers with proactive engagement before they land on your site
  • Powerful analytics customer satisfaction, agent performance, and other KPIs
  • Omnichannel support with email, social, phone, and live chat
  • Self-service and knowledge base tools in 40+ languages
  • AI suggestions and machine learning from context clues

Zendesk Chat starts at $14 per agent per month. 

But I recommend the Zendesk Support Suite. This package comes with features for chat, support, messaging, and voice, starting at $89 per month. It’s also worth noting that Zendesk has a Sales Suite to consider as well. 

Try any Zendesk plan free for 30 days. 

#2 – JivoChat Review — Best Cross-Platform Live Chat Software

JivoChat is branded as an all-in-one business messaging solution. It allows you to communicate with customers via phone, email, social, and of course, live chat—all from a single platform.

It seamlessly integrates with popular tools and services that you’re already using, like Slack, Weebly, WordPress, Wix, Pipedrive, Zapier, Shopify, and more.

More than 284,000 websites worldwide rely on JivoChat for their live chat needs, making it one of the most popular solutions on the market today. Here’s a quick overview and explanation of why the software is so popular:

  • Compatible with Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Telegram, Email, etc.
  • All customer communication is managed from a single window
  • The live chat widget works on every device, browser, and operating system
  • It’s customizable and has the ability to be translated into 20 different languages
  • Automatic proactive messages based on custom triggers
  • CRM integrations and visitor’s information (like location and click source)
  • Chat logs and reports between customers and agents

JivoChat offers unlimited chats and websites on every plan, including the free version.

The software and its basic features are free for your first five agents. Pricing starts at $13 per month per agent, which gives you access to all of JivoChat’s features. Try it free for 14 days.

#3 – Pure Chat Review — The Best Live Chat Features

Pure Chat is an excellent live chat solution for small and medium-sized teams. 

Compared to other solutions on the market today, Pure Chat is one of the most feature-rich live chat tools that you’ll come across. Even better, all of these features are included with every plan.

Let’s take a closer look at Pure Chat’s extensive feature list:

  • Unlimited chats
  • Advanced widget customization
  • Security roles (for admins, operators, power users)
  • Chat notifications
  • Canned responses
  • File transfers
  • Trigger-based actions
  • Real-time analytics and visitor tracking

There are two different Pure Chat plans for you to choose from—Growth and Pro. These start at $39 and $79 per month, respectively. The Growth plan comes with four users, and the Pro plan comes with ten. Additional users cost extra.

For most businesses, I’d recommend the Pro plan. It gives you the ability to remove Pure Chat’s branding from your widget, and you can use it on an unlimited number of websites.

Try either of these Pure Chat plans free for 30 days to access all of the features.

#4 – Intercom Review — The Best For Lead Qualifications

Intercom is branded as a “conversational relationship platform.” It’s a clever way to say it helps you build customer relationships through messaging and live chat.

The software is trusted by 30,000+ companies across the globe, including Microsoft, IBM, Udemy, and Sotheby’s.

What makes Intercom so great? Let’s take a closer look at the software highlights:

  • Boost site conversions with targeted messages, bots, and real-time chat
  • Onboard, activate, and re-engage customers with outbound communication
  • Proactive support tools and self-help features
  • Manage customer interactions across all channels from a single dashboard
  • 250+ integrations out-of-the-box and APIs for custom integrations

The software starts at $39 per month for basic live chat and outbound messaging features. 

To take advantage of automation and managing lead qualifications at scale, I recommend the Accelerate plan. It starts at $499 per month and includes ten seats. This comes with awesome features like custom bots, team inboxes, and more. 

Try Intercom for free with a 14-day trial.

#5 – LiveChat Review — The Most Versatile Live Chat Software

With a brand name like LiveChat, it’s no surprise to see this software rank so high on my list. This tool is trusted by 30,000+ businesses in over 150 countries, including names like PayPal, McDonald’s, Adobe, and Mercedes-Benz.

The software is used for online chat, multichannel support, lead generation, online surveys, in-app support, net promoter score, and more—making it one of the most versatile solutions on the market today.

Here’s a brief overview of the features, benefits, and noteworthy highlights of LiveChat:

  • Add product cards to live chat conversations
  • Use custom forms and AI chatbots to qualify your leads
  • Automatically track sales and KPIs to monitor the effectiveness
  • Automatic agent routing
  • Automatic ticket creation
  • Segment visitors based on their behavior on your site
  • 170+ integrations (Dropbox, BigCommerce, MailChimp, Shopify, Salesforce, etc.)

LiveChat is easy to use and set up as well. Plans start at $16 per agent per month, and you can try it free for 14 days; no credit card required. 

#6 – Acquire Review — Best Live Chat Software For Chatbots

Acquire isn’t the most popular live chat software on the market today. But it’s still trusted by large organizations like Lexus, Audi, the US Air Force, Discover, and more. It’s an all-in-one solution for omnichannel support, knowledge base, video chat, VoIP phone, and more.

For those of you looking to add the most advanced chatbots to your website, Acquire is my top recommendation.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Acquire stand out from the crowd:

  • Automate routine questions with AI chatbots
  • Sync your knowledge base articles with chatbots
  • Route chats to human agents when bots can’t provide a solution
  • No coding needed or developers required to deploy bots
  • Manage all email, social, live chat, and other channels from a single inbox
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Co-browsing software for troubleshooting with on-page markups
  • Video chat with customers

Another reason why I like Acquire is because the company provides exceptional customer support. It’s a growing brand, but their team is still available to accommodate your needs, 24/7.

Pricing is not available online. Contact the Acquire sales team for more information.

#7 – Smartsupp Review — Best For Monitoring Visitor Behavior

Smartsupp is another live chat software with omnichannel capabilities. The solution is used by over 425,000 websites.

It’s a great way to increase customer loyalty, drive conversions, and improve engagement with live chat and bots.

Smartsupp has one of the most unique features of all live chat software on the market today. It has built-in video recordings that give your agents a deeper understanding of how each visitor is moving around on your site. This gives you agents the ability to discover where people are getting lost, so they can provide better support. 

You’ll also benefit from top features like:

  • Out-of-the-box integrations and APIs
  • Analytics and customer satisfaction ratings
  • Create personalized automated messages with smart rules
  • Communicate with customers while on the go from Smartsupp’s mobile app
  • Web dashboard with analytics about customers
  • Customize the look and colors of chat box
  • Add personalized photos to support agent names in the chat widget

For smaller websites with basic needs, Smartsupp is free forever for your first three agents. Paid plans start at $10 per month. 

You can try Smartsupp today by creating a free account. 


There are lots of great live chat solutions available. But the seven recommended in this guide are definitely my favorite.

Which one is the best option for your website?

Be sure to follow the methodology I outlined earlier in this guide. This will make it much easier for you to narrow down your options. 

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Credit Card – Suggestions

Charge Card – Suggestions

Concepts of cards that are created along with protected for people with an insufficient credit rating record. Lots of cards that allow those with no financial debt to make use of as well as additionally effectively be provided a credit card in order to begin establishing in addition to improving their credit card history.

The first card utilized is the Orchard Bank Gold MasterCard. This card includes all the chances as well as likewise benefits of a normal gold card as well as likewise documents to all 3 credit report bureaus month-to-month. The card utilizes a 25 days sophistication period as well as additionally an overlimit price of $30.

The complying with card on offer is the First Premier Bank Gold MasterCard. Similar to the Orchard Bank Gold MasterCard, a consumer need not stress concerning his/her credit report history in order to be thought about for this card.

Another card suggested by is the Centennial MasterCard. The site furthermore encourages the Total Visa Card. This card gives an immediate internet option regarding authorization along with normal month-to-month insurance coverage to all the considerable credit report bureaus.

The last 2 cards are the First Premier Bank MasterCard in addition to the New Millennium Bank Secured Platinum Visa or MasterCard. The APR is an amazing 19.50% so if any one of the different other cards are supplied to you, it could suit you to seek them out before you make use of for The New Millennium Bank Secured Platinum Visa or MasterCard.

The adhering to card on bargain is the First Premier Bank Gold MasterCard. As with the Orchard Bank Gold MasterCard, a consumer need not stress worrying his or her debt ratings history in order to be assumed concerning for this card.

The last 2 cards are the First Premier Bank MasterCard in addition to the New Millennium Bank Secured Platinum Visa or MasterCard.

Currently, if you was looking for a Charge Card for your organisation that you really did not have to assure directly utilizing your very own individual credit report when using for it.

The preliminary card utilized is the Orchard Bank Gold MasterCard. One even more card suggested by is the Centennial MasterCard. The complying with card on bargain is the First Premier Bank Gold MasterCard. As with the Orchard Bank Gold MasterCard, a client need not stress worrying his or her credit report ratings history in order to be believed regarding for this card.

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The post Italian Grand Prix diary: Norris' Valentino Rossi tribute appeared first on Business Marketplace Product Reviews.

The Top 10 Small Business Credit Cards – Excellence for Every Entrepreneur

The Top 10 Small Business Credit Cards Can Be Yours

Do you know the top 10 small business credit cards? We did the research for you. So here are our favorites.

Per the SBA, company credit card limits are a whopping 10 – 100 times that of personal cards!

This shows you can get a lot more cash with corporate credit. And it also means you can have personal credit cards at shops. So you would now have an additional card at the same stores for your business.

And you won’t have to put up collateral, cash flow, or financials to get business credit.

Credit Card Benefits

Features vary. So make certain to pick the perk you prefer from this collection of possibilities.

Top 10 Small Business Credit Cards: 10. Ink Business Cash Credit Card for a Terrific 0% APR Period

For a 0% APR period, this card is great. You pay no yearly fee. It’s got an interest-free time period. It has flexible cash-back rewards. There are spending limits for employees. However, you will need a credit score of 690 or higher.

Get it here:

Top 10 Small Business Credit Cards: 9. Ink Business Preferred from Chase for Excellent Rewards

With this card, you can get 80,000 bonus points. But this is once you spend $5,000 on purchases. And it is within your first three months from account opening.

Earn three points per dollar. But this is on the first $150,000 spent in combined purchases on travel, shipping purchases, internet, and cable and phone. It is also on advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines. But this is for each account anniversary year.

Also, earn one point for each dollar on all of the other purchases. There is no restriction to the amount you can earn.

Get it here:

Establish business credit fast with our research-backed guide to 12 business credit cards and lines.

Top 10 Small Business Credit Cards: 8. SimplyCash Plus Business Credit Card from American Express for Awesome Cash Back

Check out the SimplyCash Plus Business Credit Card from American Express. So you can earn as much as $400 cash back. Get a $200 statement credit. But this is after spending $5,000.

Also, get 5% cash back at US office supply stores and on wireless phone services. So these must be bought from US service providers. But this applies to first $50,000 of yearly spending.

You also get 3% cash back on spending category of your choice. So this is from eight distinct categories. They include air travel, gas, advertising and computer purchases. But it applies to the first $50,000 of yearly spending.

Plus you get 1% cash back on all other purchases.

Get it here:

Top 10 Small Business Credit Cards: 7. Gold Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card from American Express for Luxurious Travel Points

If you want Delta SkyMiles, then this card is for you. Get 30,000 bonus miles. But this is after you make $1,000 in purchases on your new card. And it is during your first three months. Terms and limitations apply.

Also earn a $50 statement credit. But this is after you make a Delta purchase with your card. And it is in your first 3 months. Earn two miles per dollar spent on purchases made straight with Delta. Also, earn one mile per qualified dollar spent on purchases.

Get it here:

Top 10 Small Business Credit Cards: 6. Spark Cash Select From Capital One for Jackpot Rewards

With this card, you get 1.5% cash back on all purchases. So this is with no restrictions.

New cardholders can also get a $200 cash bonus. But that is once they spend $3,000 on new purchases. So this is within three months of account opening.

New customers also get initial APR of 0% on purchases. But that is for nine months. Also, there is no annual fee.

Get it here:

Top 10 Small Business Credit Cards: 5. Blue Business Plus from American Express for a Fantastic Introductory APR Period

This card an introductory 0% APR time period, we also prefer the Blue Business ℠ Plus Credit Card from American Express. So it has an introductory 0% APR for 15 Months. Also, you can earn double points on day-to-day company expenses up to a yearly cap. But the regular APR is 12.24% – 20.24%. So this APR is variable.

Right now corporations can earn double points. But this is on the initial $50,000 in purchases each year.

Get it here:

Top 10 Small Business Credit Cards: 4. Bank of America Business Advantage Cash Rewards MasterCard

With this card, you can get a $200 statement credit. But this is after $500 in purchases. And that is within 60 days of account opening.

You also get 3% cash back on purchases at filling stations and office supply stores. But this is as much as $250,000 annually.

Also, you get 2% cash back on purchases at restaurants. And get 1% cash back on all purchases. Also, there is no yearly fee. But it is available to applicants with excellent credit.

But you can only redeem your cash back in $25 increments.

Get it here:

Establish business credit fast with our research-backed guide to 12 business credit cards and lines.

Top 10 Small Business Credit Cards: 3. Wells Fargo Business Secured Credit Card for Excellent Credit Building

This card allows cardholders to secure a credit limit of $500 – $25,000. The amount available corresponds to the amount of funding you supply to secure the line.

Your purchase APR rate can be as low as a variable 13.15%. And the yearly fee is $25. But the more cards you have, the more expensive your annual fee will be.

This card lets company owners with bad personal credit to get a card to make purchases and build business credit.

But the card will only report to the personal credit bureaus if you default or are late on payments.

Get it here:

Top 10 Small Business Credit Cards: 2. US Bank Business Edge Platinum for Low APR Bliss

For Low APR/Balance Transfers Business Credit Cards, this card is king. So you start with twelve months of 0% APR financing on new purchases and balance transfers. There is a 3% balance transfer fee.

Afterwards, the purchase APR is a variable 10.49% – 18.49%. And this depends upon creditworthiness. There is no yearly fee. But this card is just available to people with great or superb credit. But there is no rewards program for purchases.

Get it here:

Top 10 Small Business Credit Cards: 1. Business Platinum from American Express for Amazing Travel Perks

Check out the Business Platinum Card from American Express. It is a fantastic option for travel benefits!

Travel benefits including access to these airport lounge networks:

  • Priority Pass Select
  • Delta SkyClubs
  • American Express Centurion Lounges

You also receive Gold Status when you register for the Starwood Preferred Guest program. There is also a $200 yearly air travel fee credit.

There is a $100 credit towards the Global Entry application fee, which includes access to TSA PreCheck program. And you also get one point per dollar spent on the majority of purchases.

Also, you get 1.5 times the points. But this is on charges of $5,000 or more. And it is on qualifying purchases. But this is up to one million additional points per year. Get five points per dollar. But this is for purchasing flights and prepaid hotels from the American Express Travel website.

Get it here:

Establish business credit fast with our research-backed guide to 12 business credit cards and lines.

Bonus #1: Capital One Spark Classic for Business for Fair Credit

For Fair Credit, we like the Capital One Spark Classic for Business. It has no annual fee. There are cash-back rewards. But you will need a credit score of 690 or higher.

But BEAR IN MIND: the ongoing APR is 23.99% variable APR.

Get it here:

Bonus #2: Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN for Jackpot Rewards

Take a look at the Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN. So you can earn 50,000 Membership Rewards points. But this is after $5,000 in purchases on the card within first three months.

Also, you get three points on your choice of five categories. In addition, get two times the points on the other categories.

Also, get one point per dollar on all other purchases. It has a $0 yearly fee for the first year. But then your yearly fee rises to $175.

Get it here:

Bonus #3: Business Platinum Card from American Express OPEN

Also, have a look at the Business Platinum ® Card from American Express OPEN. So you can earn as much as 75,000 Membership Rewards points upon account opening.

Also get 50,000 Membership Rewards points. But this is subsequent to spending $10,000.

In addition, get 25,000 more points. But that is after spending an additional $10,000 all on eligible purchases. But this is during the initial three months.

And also you can get five times the Membership Rewards points. So this is on flights and pre-paid hotels on But it has a $450 yearly fee. Yikes!

Get it here:

The Top 10 Small Business Credit Cards for You

Your best small business credit cards will depend on your credit history and scores.

Only you can decide which rewards you want and need, so make sure to do your research.

And, as always, make sure to build credit in the established order for the best, fastest benefits.

Share this and tell your friends what you think of the best company credit cards.

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Create a Perfect Practical Project Plan and More –10 Brilliant Business Tips of the Week

The Hottest and Most Brilliant Business Tips for YOU – Create a Perfect Practical Project Plan and More

Our research ninjas at Credit Suite smuggled out ten amazing business tips for you! Be fierce and score in business with the best tips around the web. You can use them today and see fast results. You can take that to the bank – these are foolproof! Let’s get you started with a perfect practical project plan!

Stop making stupid decisions and start powering up your business. Demolish your business nightmares and start celebrating as your business fulfills its promise.

And these brilliant business tips are all here for free! So settle in and scoop up these tantalizing goodies before your competition does!

#10. Start Selling!

Our first jaw-dropping tip is all about setting up your first ad campaign on Amazon. Score says Amazon selling could be huge for your business, and we are inclined to agree. After all, where else are you going to be able to buy a toothbrush, a screen door, fresh raspberries, and a tee shirt for a baby? And check out with them all in the same cart?

So if you sell a good (as opposed to a service), then this tip is all about you. 

Get Going

So our favorite part of this article, without a doubt, is how it just launches right into step by step instructions. About the only way it could possibly be any more helpful would be if there was a video. But that’s okay.

And we also loved the drum which he seem to beat an awful lot around here – measure! Because, as we have said it before, but it bears repeating. You can’t really know if you’re succeeding if you don’t measure. 

#9. And Speaking of Amazon…

The next awesome tip is about generating leads on Amazon. Side Hustle Nation writes that Amazon, at bottom, is basically another search engine.

So think like an SEO person.

This means attracting your prospects with content to start bringing them into the sales funnel.

In the case of the article writer, it was about books. So his initial bait was to offer a book for free. As in, zero dollars and zero cents.

The book is still on Amazon, and it is still free. So, how does this guy make money? Well, it may be obvious by now – the free book reels in the prospects. So those people are qualified leads by definition. So they might read the book and visit its accompanying website. Or maybe they just order one of the books you have to pay for.

Either way, the bait is working precisely as intended.

Not a writer? Then offer something else (small!) for free. Sell widgets? Then why not add a free explainer video? Or you could even price something in your Amazon storefront at $0. For fun, why not change it up on occasion? 

Free is always loved. And free always has attention paid to it. 

If you are as passionate about succeeding in business as we are, please help us spread the word about how to take the plunge and save time and money – and your sanity! The perfect practical project plan is in reach.

#8. Reel in Your First Customers

Our following life-changing tip concerns starting up and landing your very first customers. Success Harbor tells us it might take a while to get your first customers. So their first top is perhaps a surprising one – figure out what you’re going to live off for the next six to twelve months. 

Because that will not only keep food on your table. It will also – at least, that’s the idea – keep you from being desperate. Well, at least in the beginning. Because the truth is, we have all seen desperate people. 

How often do you want to buy from them? This is not out of the goodness of your own heart or anything like that. So it’s not to help out a friend. This is more, someone who you have no connection with is trying to sell you something. Or, better yet, two people are. One is desperate, the other’s not. You’re more likely to buy from the confident seller.

It’s just like in the dating scene. So shore up your budget before you get started, and keep desperation at bay, at least for a while. Let your perfect practical project plan exude confidence.

#7. But What Are You Going to Sell Them???

For our next sensational tip, we looked at finding products to sell online. Small Biz Trends informs us that startups, of course, are up against not only each other, but also Walmart and Amazon, among others. So instead of trying to compete on that hopelessly tilted playing field, why not look for unique items?

And don’t forget about scalability. That is, prepare for success. If one product does incredibly well, you don’t want to be fine-tuning it by hand all the time. 

Hand in hand with this tip is to consider the logistics. Your rainbow widget might be incredible, but if you’re importing from a country about to go to war, you might want to think twice about using such a supplier.

Like with so many other things we talk about here, try to make things easy on yourself.

#6. Find ‘Em Online

This tip is so cool, and it works! Word Stream notes there are five great strategies for reaching your B2B audience online. While we may often think of B2B as business to business, what are companies composed of?




And those people, just like you, are online. They are pinning and tweeting and Facebooking and snapping.

And they are also, probably, on LinkedIn. This social media platform often seems to be forgotten in marketing articles, but it’s truly ideal for finding a B2B audience. So then have LinkedIn find lookalikes. 

Hey, you just might get some new customers.

#5. The Perfect Practical Project Plan Can Be Yours

Grab this mind-blowing tip while it’s hot! 

Learn how to put together the perfect practical project plan! Copy Blogger says it’s best to bite into a project in small chunks. Which makes terrific sense.

Smart Resource Planning Credit SuiteA Fer-Instance

So, picture this. You bought a house from the little old lady down the street who only drove it to church on Sundays. Er, you know what I mean.

It’s a lovely house. But it’s huge! And it needs to be cleaned. So, before you say you’ll just hire someone, or you’ll put it off, let’s throw out those options. For the sake of this example, okay?

How do you clean your messy mansion?

In stages. 

How do you tackle a project?

In stages.

Wait – that’s kinda the same thing.


Templates and Timesavers

We really loved this tip, about essentially eliminating nagging, repetitive tasks. Do whatever it takes to stop reinventing the wheel all the time.

Create macros. Save Excel templates. Create a custom style in Word. Whatever it takes. Even when your perfect practical project plan is done and dusted, if you do whatever it takes to stop reinventing the wheel, you’ll still have those templates and macros. There’s no need to stop using them.

If you are as passionate about succeeding in business as we are, please help us spread the word about how to take the plunge and save time and money – and your sanity! The perfect practical project plan is in reach.


Check out this spectacular tip, all about helping your team accomplish their goals. Inc notes management can do a lot to help team members get to where they personally want to be.

Let’s Talk About the Future. That Perfect Practical Project Plan Won’t Write Itself!

What we really liked was the first tip, to essentially open up a dialog on employee goals. And to share your goals with the people who work for you.

Say what?

Yes, tell them what you’re planning for yourself, too. Because singling out the people lower on the totem pole for goal-setting and achieving means you might not see anything accomplished. You can’t have a perfect practical project plan for your employees without having one for yourself.

True StorySmart Resource Planning Credit Suite

Your intrepid blog writer, over 20 years ago had, shall we say, a difficult boss. Now, there were a lot of reasons why this person was difficult to work with and for. But one major reason was the goals were dictated. By her.

And of course no one ever saw her goals. There was, therefore, no accountability at the middle managerial level. To this day, your blog writer hasn’t got a clue whether this person’s own goals were created by her or dictated to her.

Either way, this was a recipe for rebellion. This was particularly the case because the selected goals were a lot less about employee enrichment, and a lot more about the great glory of said difficult boss.

That didn’t go over so well.

So we were particularly pleased with the idea that the dialog about goals is just that: a dialog. It is a give and take and it’s not the boss telling the employee what to do. After all, the employee gets that all the livelong day. 

At least let them make their own goals.

#3. Make/Produce/Create

It’s not your imagination: this winning tip can help you be a more creative teammate at work. Creative Live tells us creativity does not need to be a solitary pursuit. Hoorah! The best perfect practical project plan allows for diverse voices.

Check Your Ego at the Door

This is maybe the most valuable tip to us. Creativity is just not going to happen if you continually shout down other people’s ideas. So go around the room. And listen, fer gosh sakes! Seriously, if you’re not going to listen to other people, why work in a team setting to begin with?

Walk a Mile in My Sneakers

This tip was a close second for us. The concept is, bring in as many points of view as you can. Get different perspectives, and you may find what you thought was an amazing idea is anything but to the people who will be most affected by it.

So haul in someone from sales, and another from engineering or accounting, and more. They have rather different vantage points from yours. So in that, there is strength.

#2. It Must Be True; I Saw it on TV

Our second to last unbeatable tip can give you a new perspective on small business public relations and dealing with the media. Succeed As Your Own Boss states there is a kind of art and a science to PR.

Our fave tip was all about how ‘off the record’ is basically a unicorn. It doesn’t exist! For all of the times you’ve seen a politician yammering on a hot mic, just imagine it’s your face and your yammering.

If you don’t want some piece of information to come out – surprise! – don’t talk about it.

Or, as we said when your intrepid blog writer was a kid (which was when the dinosaurs roamed the planet), “Shut up!”

#1. Om Shanti Success!

We saved the best for last. For our favorite remarkable tip, we focused on 19 amazing success mantras from Zig Ziglar. Addicted 2 Success says these are words to live by.

And, holy cow, we say a lot of the same things. Coincidence? We think not!

In all seriousness, the list is just terrific. We highly recommend reading the entire article. Our favorite success mantra?

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Or, as Teddy Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” So give yourself a break, and stop thinking others are better. You’re better, too.

Talk about your perfect practical project plan!

So which one of our brilliant business tips was your favorite? And which one will you be implementing now? 

If you are as passionate about succeeding in business as we are, please help us spread the word about how to take the plunge and save time and money – and your sanity! The perfect practical project plan is in reach.

The post Create a Perfect Practical Project Plan and More –10 Brilliant Business Tips of the Week appeared first on Credit Suite.

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