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Best Marketing Automation Software

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Marketing campaigns get more complex by the day. 

Which… is great news for the consumer experience but a nightmare for you as a marketing manager handling thousands of moving parts (and countless employees) on a daily basis. 

To put it lightly, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. 

Especially complex technical challenges that most consumers and employees will never see or fully understand. 

But thankfully more and more automation tools are popping up to make your life a bit easier.

However, that means choosing the best marketing automation software for your business and team is harder than its ever been. 

From enterprise-grade solutions to the most affordable options, my team and I have researched, tested, and used just about every software you can imagine. And I can honestly say… that’s not an exaggeration. 

But the good news is that I narrowed it down to my top six recommendations, reviewed them, and developed an all-inclusive list of what to consider when making your final decision. 

The top 6 options for marketing automation software

  1. Freshmarketer – best for small to midsize businesses
  2. Pardot by Salesforce – best for B2B companies
  3. ActiveCampaign – best for email marketing automation
  4. Acoustic – best for enterprise multi-channel marketing automation
  5. HubSpot – best for sales, customer service, and marketing automation
  6. Act-On – best for marketing agencies

How to choose the best marketing automation software for you

I stand behind all of my top recommendations. However, choosing the right one for you isn’t always easy because it depends on various factors. 

So, before we dive in, let’s talk about how to narrow things down and find the best marketing automation software for your business. 

Type of business

B2B businesses have different marketing needs than D2C companies. 

Furthermore, marketing agencies present a new set of marketing automation challenges. Because of that, specialized software may be necessary to meet your specific needs at a reasonable price point. 

The size of your business matters too. Large companies run complex, massive-scale campaigns and have bigger pockets. So, small business tools aren’t a good match.

However, smaller companies will probably find enterprise-grade features confusing and wildly out of budget, which is why those small business tools exist in the first place. 

So, pay attention to who the software is built for when making your final decision. 

Number of contacts

Most pricing plans depend on the number of contacts or leads you have. The larger your list, the more you need to pay to maintain it and stay in touch with them. 

If you have tens or hundreds of thousands of contacts, enterprise-grade solutions are probably more cost-effective. However, that’s not the case if you have a few hundred or even a few thousand leads on your list. 

Just be sure to keep this in mind and remember that specific plans may limit the maximum number of contacts you can have. 

And if you hit those limits, you’ll need to upgrade to a higher plan or pay an extra fee.

Your marketing channels

Different marketing automation software supports various marketing channels. 

And there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. 

From SMS and email marketing to social media and push notifications, it’s crucial to choose a software that handles everything you need.

Smaller businesses with simple campaigns may not utilize a wide range of channels and can get away using a more affordable tool. 

However, large businesses with complex campaigns spanning numerous channels need something more robust to manage all the moving parts. 

Furthermore, some software includes varying channels in different pricing tiers. So, you may start on one level and need to move up to gain access to more marketing channels. Or you may need to move to (or integrate) a new tool altogether. 

It may help to map out your upcoming campaigns and decide which channels you plan to use.

Automation features

Automation is at the heart of every tool on this list. But some offer more advanced automation features than others. 

Do you need to score leads and prospects? Maybe you want to combine SMS, email marketing, and Facebook ads in the same customer journey. Or perhaps you need the ability to send hyper-targeted emails on autopilot. 

Regardless of the complexity of your campaigns, don’t forget to consider:

  • Split A/B testing
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Event and website tracking
  • Contact management
  • Visual customer journey mapping
  • Automated segmentation and personalization
  • Prospect and lead scoring
  • Dynamic content
  • Transactional emails
  • AI-powered recommendations
  • Action and logic-based triggers
  • Reporting and analytics

You may not need all of them, and some tools don’t include them. So it’s critical to understand what you need (and don’t need) before making your decision.

Additional features

It’s not uncommon for marketing automation software to include a handful of features typically found in a CRM tool, like live chat or customer support capabilities. 

Before making a final decision, it’s essential to understand which additional features you need to fill the gap between marketing and sales or customer service. 

You may already have these systems in place. So, you won’t need these additional features. But if you don’t, you might be able to save money, hassle, and time by choosing a software that includes everything you’re missing under one roof. 

Hubspot is an excellent example of this. 

It includes customer service, sales, and marketing automation tools in a centralized location to streamline data movement and foster automation across your entire business. 

The different types of marketing automation software

Marketing comes in all shapes, sizes, and complexities. 

From physical mailers and print campaigns to social media and email marketing, the best marketing automation software helps you build, automate, and optimize all types of marketing campaigns. 

Marketing automation software is often confused with customer relationship management (CRM). However, the two aren’t the same or interchangeable. 

CRM software focuses on sales activities, while marketing automation software focuses on marketing tasks. Going further, marketing automation software is for generating, nurturing, and qualifying leads. 

On the other hand, CRM software is to close the sale and foster communications or relationships after the sale. 

In a perfect world, the two systems play well together and create a seamless flow of data from your marketing team to your sales team.

Taking things further, there are numerous subsets of marketing automation software, including:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Advertising management
  • SMS marketing
  • Live chat

Each different tool is powerful on its own. But true marketing automation software lets you create and optimize customer journeys across marketing platforms for varying complexity campaigns. 

#1 – Freshmarketer Review — The best marketing automation software for small to midsize businesses

Around here, we’re big fans of Freshworks (if you couldn’t tell). 

Freshmarketer is their intelligent marketing automation platform built to help small to midsize businesses save time, attract the right people, nurture their audiences, and make more money. 

It’s my #1 recommendation for most users—and for a good reason.

From awareness to retention, you get all the automation features you need to gain more leads, turn those leads into customers, and keep those customers around for life. All while doing less work with better results. 

Plus, you don’t need any technical skills or a dedicated support team to get started. And it takes about a minute to get up and running. 

You also get access to incredible features like:

  • Email campaigns and contact management
  • Visual drag and drop customer journey builder
  • Website, form, and offline event tracking
  • Conversion rate optimization tools
  • A/B and split testing
  • Advanced personalization
  • Dynamic heat maps
  • Audience segmentation
  • Real-time funnel analytics

Furthermore, the software seamlessly integrates with Freshworks’ other tools, so it’s an excellent choice if you currently use or plan to use any of their business software. 

You can try Freshmarketer on their limited free forever plan or a 21-day free trial of their paid plans, which are incredibly affordable and accessible for businesses of all sizes. However, they depend on the number of contacts you have, so keep that in mind. 

Their plans include:

  • Sprout — Free for up to 500 contacts with limited features
  • Garden — $49 per month for 1,000 contacts (ideal for growing teams)
  • Estate — $99 per month for 1,000 contacts (best for large teams)

Just remember the cost for each plan goes up after you max out your 1,000 contacts. 

#2 – Pardot by Salesforce Review — The best marketing automation software for B2B businesses

As a B2B business, you market to other companies, which presents a unique set of marketing challenges. As such, you need a marketing automation tool built for the job. 

Pardot exists to help B2B companies build relationships and turn those relationships into revenue. Plus, it’s a fantastic marketing automation software built around the world’s #1 CRM. 

So, you know you’re in good hands. 

From lead generation to sales alignment, the software offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Dynamic content and data-based personalization
  • Lead-nurturing email automations
  • Prospect and lead scoring
  • Visual multi-part automation creator
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Landing page builder
  • Smart forms + drag and drop builder
  • Social media scheduling, profiling, and analytics
  • Lead activity tracking
  • Campaign performance reporting
  • Lifecycle and funnel reporting
  • Pardot Einstein for lead and behavior scoring

Furthermore, over 2.8+ million worldwide users rely on Pardot for their marketing automation needs, making it one of the most popular platforms on this list. 

But it is a bit expensive, so it’s best suited for larger businesses. Their paid plans include:

  • Growth — $1,250/month for up to 10,000 contacts and basic features
  • Plus — $2,500/month for up to 10,000 contacts with deeper automation + analytics
  • Advanced — $4,000/month for up to 10,000 contacts with AI and all features
  • Premium — $15,000/month for up to 75,000 contacts with supercharge features

They also offer a few add-ons that come free in the Premium plan. Those add-ons include Salesforce Engage ($50/user per month), Analytics Plus ($3,000/month), and Engagement History ($300/year). 

All plans and add-ons are billed on an annual basis. 

#3 – ActiveCampaign Review — The best for email marketing automations

Email is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. All the tools on this list include email marketing in one form or another, but ActiveCampaign specializes in it. 

So, it’s an excellent option if you want to hone in and focus on improving your email marketing strategy. It’s also a super affordable tool that includes numerous automation features for leads anywhere in your funnel.

With that said, they also offer omnichannel automation, including instant messaging and SMS, live chat, and Facebook. 

So, you’re not limited to just email marketing automation with ActiveCampaign. 

Their most popular features cover leads at every point in the funnel, including:

  • Engage – Automation maps, site tracking, and subscription forms
  • Nurture – List segmenting, dynamic/predictive content, and event tracking
  • Convert – Contact and lead scoring, split actions, and win probabilities
  • Support – Predictive sending, SMS, A/B split testing, and ecommerce 

You can also set up numerous types of emails like autoresponders, targeted or triggered emails, broadcasts, scheduled emails, and automated funnels. 

And you can design those emails using their intuitive drag and drop designer, or start from one of their 25+ pre-made mobile-responsive design templates. 

Whether you’re just getting started or interested in scaling and optimizing your email marketing strategy, ActiveCampaign is an excellent choice. They offer everything you need to capture, nurture, and close leads at scale. 

ActiveCampaign offers four plans, with the price of each starting at:

  1. Lite — $9 per month with up to three users
  2. Plus — $49 per month with up to 25 users
  3. Professional — $129 per month with up to 50 users
  4. Enterprise — $229 per month with unlimited users

Each tier includes more advanced features, and pricing is based on the size of your list, starting for up to 500 contacts. 

So, keep in mind that you will have to pay more than the prices above as your list grows. 

#4 – Acoustic Review — The best enterprise-grade multi-channel marketing automation software

Acoustic offers an array of marketing automation products for centralized cross-platform multi-channel marketing. From personalization and email campaigns to web content management and experience management, they offer something for everyone. 

Acoustic Campaign is their marketing automation tool, encompassing mobile apps, push notifications, SMS, group chats, social media, ads, email, print campaigns, and more. 

You can also combine this with Acoustic Personalization and Acoustic Analytics for a powerful combination of campaign management, data, and using that data to deliver the right message at the right time. 

With Acoustic Campaign, you get access to powerful features, including:

  • Drag and drop campaign builder
  • Action, logic, and AI-recommended triggers
  • Seamless mobile and digital channel campaigns
  • Lead management and scoring
  • Split A/B testing
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Planning and budgeting
  • One-to-one ads and lookalike audiences
  • Advanced personalization
  • Reporting and analytics

Furthermore, they have a community forum where you can publicly ask questions. They also provide an online academy packed full of educational videos and training so you can get the most of your custom automation package. 

Note: Acoustic is built for moderate to large volume campaigns with countless moving parts. So, it’s perfect for businesses managing complicated campaigns across numerous channels. 

But it’s overkill for a lot of businesses and anyone running single-channel campaigns. 

Pricing isn’t available online, and you have to schedule a consultation to learn more. So, keep in mind that you won’t be able to sign up and get started immediately. 

#5 – Hubspot Review — The best sales, customer service, and marketing automation software

If you’re looking for an easy way to automate your sales, customer service, and marketing processes, Hubspot Growth Suite is an excellent and affordable solution. 

And the best part? Hubspot goes beyond automating your business processes. It also helps integrate and optimize different departments in one centralized location, thus streamlining your entire business’s workflow. 

This means teams don’t have to jump from software to software to get the information they need, and you can automate the data transfer process from one team to the next. 

However, their marketing automation capabilities are powerful on their own, with features like:

  • Blog post and SEO planning
  • Ad tracking and management
  • Social media management
  • AI-powered live chat
  • Email marketing
  • Forms and landing pages
  • Revenue attribution reporting
  • Visual workflow builder
  • Account-based marketing
  • A/B split testing
  • Predictive lead scoring

Hubspot offers basic features, like emails, landing pages, forms, and live chat capabilities for unlimited users absolutely free. So, you can try it out without spending a penny. 

Alternatively, you can sign up for a free demo to see all of their advanced features in action. 

The Growth Suite (sales, marketing, CRM, and customer service) starts at $50 per month for two users and up to 1,000 contacts, making it extremely affordable for most businesses. 

But they also have advanced plans for larger and more complex campaigns, including:

  1. Professional — $1,275 per month for advanced features
  2. Enterprise — $4,200 per month for all features

Each 1,000 contacts after your initial 1,000 cost $16.67 per month. And you can add more users to your sales and service hubs for $8.33 per user/month. 

Plus, if you’re a current member or alumni of Hubspot’s approved incubator, accelerator, or Venture Capital partners with a round of Series A funding under your belt, you can get up to 90% off your first year

#6 – Act-On Review — The best marketing automation software for marketing agencies

As a marketing agency, you handle marketing campaigns for several clients (if not hundreds of them) at any given time. As such, you need marketing automation software with the ability to manage everything, including your own marketing campaigns, in one place. 

And Act-On offers the perfect solution. 

Their scalable software features unique child and parent campaign capabilities, meaning you can easily manage and handle all of your client accounts from a single Act-On login. 

Plus, you can completely brand and customize everything to deliver custom reports to clients in just a few clicks. 

With Act-On, you can learn more about your clients’ audiences to personalize and tailor their message to match. Not only does this make their life easier, but it also means your team can work less to produce better results. 

When you sign up, you get access to powerful marketing features, including:

  • Automated engagement programs
  • Website and landing page tracking
  • Customer/prospect scoring
  • Behavior and demographic segmentation
  • Pre-built email, form, and landing page templates
  • Interactive reporting dashboards

Plus, you can build custom real-time analytic dashboards for internal and external use, so you and your clients always know what’s going on. 

Furthermore, you can use this information to improve customer ROI, build better technology stacks, and optimize entire marketing campaigns on behalf of your clients. From lead gathering and nurturing to transferring contact information to sales, you’re in good hands. 

Sign up for a free demo to learn more and get started today!

Wrapping things up

Freshmarketer is my top recommendation for most businesses. It’s built for small to midsize companies interested in automating their marketing processes to grow their businesses and save time. 

Plus, it’s affordable, easy to use, and packed full of powerful automation features. 

However, it’s not the perfect solution for everyone. So, don’t forget to use the criteria we talked about as you sort through finding the best marketing automation software for you and your team. 

What are your favorite marketing automation tools?

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8 Simple Ways to Make Money Recycling

In today’s environmental crisis, we all are making efforts to save the planet by doing simple things like buying local, reducing our carbon footprint, turning to plant food, and, most importantly, recycling stuff that we don’t use. 

I know it’s hard for many people to make such changes, but for the greater good, we all need to take this initiative.

There is another perk to consider recycling – you can earn some extra money.

Sounds interesting?!


Today we will find out more about how to make money recycling stuff.

Recycle books

Whether you are a college student or someone who loves reading, you must be having a lot of books that you don’t need anymore. At some point, you will want to get rid of some of your books, and the best way to do it is to recycle them. Recycling books is excellent for many reasons: you are saving the trees and reducing the landfill.

You can choose to donate your textbooks (reasonably in good state) to your local library or sell them on sites like BookScouter. It’s a platform that gives you a lot of places to sell your textbooks once you type in your ISBN. You can choose the right price for your book and start the process of selling.

Read our BookScouter review here.



9 Fun Ways to Earn Money Playing Games Online
How to Get Free Money – 30 Quick & Scam-Free Ways to Earn Money


Recycle electronics

You can easily recycle your electronics and get paid for it by going to websites like Gazelle, Decluttr, or Amazon Trade-in. With Decluttr you can sell anything like computers, phones, CDs, video games, even lego.

For most of the sites, you have to sign up and check the price for your item and post the item if you choose to sell it for the offer. Amazon Trade-in works the same way and pays you in Amazon gift cards.

As we amass a lot of tech gadgets over the years and it can be hard to sell them, these options give you a lot of flexibility and best prices for your stuff.

Read our review on Decluttr here.


Recycle clothes and shoes

Recycling clothes has been around for a long time, and it can be done in many ways to earn extra money. Whether it is your wedding dress or fancy workwear, if you are thinking of replacing it, then the best thing to do is recycle. You can also opt for donating them to goodwill stores or any of your local thrift stores.

If you want to go the recycling route, then check out Poshmark and thredUp. It’s relatively easy to list and sell your used clothes on these sites. Though Poshmark mostly works for select branded clothing, thredUp is a better alternative as it has a bigger list of brands it accepts.

You can also get money out of your worn-out shoes by giving them to stores like TheNorthFace, American Eagle Outfitters, etc. These websites offer you a discount for your shopping or a gift voucher in exchange for your used shoes.


Recycle bottles and cans

I know the biggest pile of your trash consists of bottles and cans. Making some extra cash from recycling these is definitely worthwhile. You can just redeem your bottles or cans and get some spare cash. Most of the states in the US give 5 cents for standard size bottles or cans, and you can redeem bigger sizes for 10 cents in certain states.

The amount you get depends on the state you want to redeem in, and though it’s a small amount, it’s definitely extra cash that also saves a lot of energy and landfill.


Recycle paper

Apart from books, you can earn money selling old newspapers, magazines or brochures. First, do some research and find out which recycle centers in your area accept paper and how much they pay.

You can choose companies like PADNOS or check your local directory. Once you have collected the paper, you can go and give it all for money. Keep in mind that the amount you get depends on the quantity of the paper and the company you are selling to.


Recycle batteries

Recycling batteries is common, and you can get good money for them. Whether it is lithium-ion batteries or car batteries, everything is recycled. You can sell your old car batteries in places like AutoZone or CASS, which give you around $10 for each cell.

Cass also accepts auto tires, junk vehicles, and closed cylinders.


Recycle used ink cartridges

If you frequently visit office supply stores like Office Depot, you must know that it pays you to drop off your used ink cartridges. Just drop them off at the store and get a store credit of $2. You can redeem up to ten used cartridges per month at Office Depot.

Another place that accepts used cartridges is Advantage Cartridge. Once you collect enough cartridges (25), you can ship them for free and get paid.


Recycle makeup

Do you know that you can use your empty make up products to earn extra cash and save the planet? Yes, you can. There are many cosmetic companies like MAC, Aveda, and Lush, where you can get store credit or a free product. Best way to get some money back on your expensive beauty stuff. 


Recycling stuff is one of the many ways to reduce carbon emissions, decrease the landfill, and it could be your first step toward saving the environment. For the stuff that’s going to end up in junk anyways, you are earning money – it’s a win-win.

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Web Shopping On The Rise

Web Shopping On The Rise

Web purchasing is the brand-new purchasing experience of the future. Safe web purchasing is safe making use of file encryption as well as ssl methods. Web buying is a means of buying that enables purchasing for called for items without going to the shop literally.

The Internet is altering the wholesale/retail landscape daily. In today’s market the buying industry is taking around a tenth of all retail buying sales in the United States, as well as the portion in various other nations is not as high. One factor we utilize the net is to acquire goods at a price cut to retail.

Almost 40 percent of remote employees stated they utilize their job computer systems for Internet purchasing. Be a wise customer and also make use of usual feeling when on-line buying as well as simply go in advance and also appreciate your Internet purchasing experience today. The grocery store sector currently services numerous consumers with on the internet food buying over the Internet.

The adhering to suggestions will certainly assist make certain a secure Internet purchasing. If you follow this guidance on risk-free Internet buying, this ought to not be a trouble.

The incredible success of on the internet stores such as Amazon and also Expedia is evidence that web purchasing is exercised – as well as relied on – by millions. Of program the various other significant obstacle for web buying is delivering costs, often delivery is a lot even more than the item. As discussed over, Internet buying is really a lot like standard at home buying from brochures or mail orders.

Net buying is the brand-new purchasing experience of the future. Web purchasing is a method of buying that permits buying for called for items without going to the shop literally. In today’s market the purchasing field is taking around a tenth of all retail buying sales in the United States, and also the portion in various other nations is not as high. Be a clever buyer and also make use of typical feeling when on the internet buying and also simply go in advance and also appreciate your Internet buying experience today. As discussed over, Internet buying is really a lot like traditional at home buying from brochures or mail orders.

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Maark | Senior Frontend Engineer | Boston, MA | Full-time | Onsite Maark | WordPress Developer | Boston, MA | Freelance/Contractor | Remote or Onsite Maark is looking for a Senior Frontend Developer who can build compelling and state-of-the-art experiences for the web. As a dev team, we work on highly creative projects, utilize a …

The Accent Coach Announces Growth of English Language in Bus…

The Accent Coach Announces Growth of English Language in Business Culture This fad is taking place with firms that are based in non-English talking nations, according to The Accent Coach, Claudette Roche, a company speech train. Some business have actually been in advance of the contour like Yokohama, which started making use of English in …

Elizabeth Warren Is Right

Achievement in funding… $21,000.00 in Artesia, CA with 401K financing

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Top 10 Impeachment Inquiry Podcasts You Must Follow in 2019

Top 10 Impeachment Inquiry Podcasts

Impeachment Inquiry Podcast Newsletter

Impeachment Inquiry Podcast newsle/tter is a comprehensive summary of the day’s most important audio podcasts episodes from the best podcasters on the web, and delivered to your email inbox each morning. To subscribe, simply provide us with your email address.

Impeachment Inquiry Podcasts

1. The Daily DC: Impeachment Watch

Washington, District of Columbia, United States About Podcast CNN’s Political Director David Chalian and his colleagues bring you a daily update on impeachment proceedings, every evening, Monday through Friday. Stay informed on all the latest developments, as they unfold.
Frequency about 2 posts per week.
Twitter followers 42.2K ⋅ Domain Authority 83

2. Global Story Network | Individual 1 podcast

Global Story Network | Individual 1 podcast Los Angeles, California, United States About Podcast The Individual One Podcast focuses on news regarding U.S. President Donald Trump. The show chronicles his presidency and possible impeachment/re-election, and takes a hard look at Trump from a conservative perspective. Using unique commentary and compelling guests, the podcast tells truths about Trump few others can, or will.
Frequency about 1 post per week.
Since Jan 2019
Twitter followers 10.7K ⋅ Social Engagement 7 ⋅ Domain Authority 14

3. Article II: Inside Impeachment

Article II: Inside Impeachment New York City, New York, United States About Podcast The latest developments on the impeachment inquiry. What’s happening in Washington and why it matters for the nation. Powered by NBC News journalists. Hosted by Steve Kornacki, National Political Correspondent. New episodes Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with bonus episodes for breaking news.
Frequency about 5 posts per week.
Twitter followers 6.9M ⋅ Domain Authority 92

4. Impeachment, Explained

Impeachment, Explained Washington, District of Columbia, United States About Podcast Understanding impeachment demands grappling questions that don’t always get covered in the daily news. Impeachment, Explained with Ezra Klein does just that through deep conversations with Vox reporters and leading policy voices
Frequency about 2 posts per week.
Twitter followers 873.6K ⋅ Social Engagement 4 ⋅ Domain Authority 93

5. The Washington Post | Impeachment Inquiry

The Washington Post | Impeachment Inquiry Washington, District of Columbia, United States About Podcast Subscribe to follow The Washington Post’s coverage of the ongoing impeachment inquiry with this collection of episodes from across The Post’s audio programming, including ‘Post Reports,’ ‘Can He Do That?’ and ‘The Daily 202’s Big Idea.’
Frequency about 5 posts per week.
Twitter followers 14.3M ⋅ Domain Authority 95

6. WNYC Studios | Impeachment

WNYC Studios | Impeachment New York City, New York, United States About Podcast Understand the political twists, historical context, and legal stakes of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Each day, host Brian Lehrer, one of the country’s most respected audio journalists, brings you conversations with the country’s most important reporters and newsmakers as we try to make sense of it all, together. Impeachment is produced by WNYC.
Frequency about 3 posts per week.
Twitter followers 6.9K ⋅ Instagram Followers 3.1K ⋅ Social Engagement 4 ⋅ Domain Authority 79

7. The Investigation Podcast

The Investigation Podcast New York City, New York, United States About Podcast It’s one of the rarest political events in American history, one that only three presidents have ever experienced before today. Just months after the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, the White House finds itself new front: an impeachment inquiry. You’ll get insight from legal analysts and historians, politicians and principals those who are driving the developments in this rapidly unfolding story all as we count down the days until an impeachment vote and trial
Frequency about 3 posts per month.
Twitter followers 3.6K ⋅ Instagram Followers 2.5K ⋅ Domain Authority 38

8. AM Quickie

AM Quickie New York, United States About Podcast The political stories and impeachment updates you need to know to start your day- all in five minutes or less. Co-Hosted by Sam Seder and Lucy Steiner.
Frequency about 5 posts per week.
Twitter followers 56.2K ⋅ Domain Authority 34

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