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Buying or Selling a Domain Name

Buying or Selling a Domain Name

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What's in a domain nameInquirer.netChoosing the right domain name, the unique URL or address of particular website that defines itself from the World Wide Web, is harder than most people think. Aside from becoming part of your branding and digital assets, a domain name is the by-word ...
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Scott Fox

On Yosemite’s New Window Title Bar Style (Daringfireball)

Jason Snell:
> In Yosemite, there’s a new style. You see it in Safari and Contacts and Maps, to name three prominent examples. To save space, Apple has collapsed the two rows together into one. In Safari, the “stoplight” buttons are right next to the forward and back buttons, on the same level as the URL/search bar and all the rest of the toolbar items. This has the effect of reducing the height of the chrome on a Safari window, while also reducing the open space left to actually click on and move the window around the screen.
> We can argue about whether or not this collapsed toolbar/title bar thing is a good idea. What bugs me is not that it exists, but that it only exists in a few of Apple’s apps. In Mail and Preview and TextEdit and even the new iWork apps, the old style prevails. The inconsistency rankles. If Apple thinks the tool/title bar is the future, why do many of its apps not follow the format?
I think the reason Apple's not using this style in most apps is because most apps have so many toolbar buttons that ...

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Which Domain Ending Is Best?

Which Domain Ending Is Best?


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