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31 notable domain sales from NameJetDomain Name ($4,437) and/or ($4,331) – Leonardo's got cachet, but his full name is too long for branding purposes. With Wikipedia already on top of the man's historical contributions, I'm not sure what role this domain can play.

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Mixed Results for Pension Reform Supporters in Midterms (Reason Magazine - Hit and Run)

Candidates who have taken on the unions fared well in last night’s elections. Initiatives related to reforming their pensions did not, however, do so well.
Rick Snyder of Michigan and Scott Walker of Wisconsin, both Republican, fended off challengers to earn additional terms as governors. Both have earned the ire of unions; Snyder for supporting right-to-work laws and Walker for stripping public sector employees of some collective bargaining powers. Walker already survived one recall effort from unions over his policies.
Possibly more important, though, is the victory by Democrat Gina Raimondo in Rhode Island. As treasurer, Raimondo hammered out significant public employee pension reforms, forcing them into solvency and shifting employees into hybrid plans to reduce the amount of potential debt obligations the state would take on. Polls then showed union workers rallying behind her Republican opponent, Allan Fung, 42 to 30 percent. She eked out a three-point victory, nevertheless. (Also of interest: a third-party candidate, Robert Healey of the Moderate Party, drew in 22 percent of the vote! Now _that’s_ how you spoil a race.)
On the flip side, a couple of public employee reforms on city ballots failed. In Phoenix, a ...

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