How To Gain An Edge In 2020

We live in such a modern time right now where we have many options. Everyone has a voice. Anyone can turn on a camera, go on social media and speak their mind.

This is great as more and more people become independent; have a voice, and share their mind. Nothing wrong with that and I am 100% for that.

However on the flipside of this; as the person being you and me whose consuming all this content; We start to have too many options; too many thoughts, too many ways of starting a business. 

This makes everything more complicated. Some argue this makes starting an online business today so much easier than ever before.. 

Although that can be true however at the same time; having too many ideas and not knowing what to do with them; ends up in you not doing anything out of confusion and frustration.

Watch this video to learn more about this topic.

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