Interview With Luis Trujillo. $10K in 6 Weeks

Now if you know or been following me for some time, you know that I do not like to stage interviews. I like them to be raw, real, from the heart, share the good and the bad.

And I do this to help you see and understand what Your Web Traffic Agency can potentially do for you if you apply the training combined with hard work.

Today I will be on a video call with Luis Trujillo.

Luis is nothing less than of a hard worker, determined to change his life for himself and his family and soon to be born baby.

He took what we built for him at YWTA, then went through the training; and started following it step by step. Adding some of his own twists to it to make it more personal for him. He started reaching out to potential clients into his agency business.

Now with his hard work, determination, and persistence, and with my coaching whenever he needed it, He was able to pull off $10,000 in sales his first month of running his business. About $7,000 of that was pure profit.

And I have no doubt in my mind, that within the next few months, he will build a consistent high 5 figure monthly income from running his agency business. And then expanding from there. He has big hopes and dreams and I am honored to be part of the support system, to help him reach his goals.

So with out further a do.. Let’s welcome Mr. Luis Trujillo.

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